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Haishu District accelerates quality tourist routes construction

Centered around the Drum Tower and surrounding the ancient outer city walls of Mingzhou (ancient name of Ningbo),

a quality tourist route has been built to recount a vivid history of the construction of the city over thousands of years.

Walking along this “most central, most cultural, busiest and most beautiful” route, one may see everywhere the scenes of the integration of the city’s ancient charm and modern life.

At the Wangjing Gate City Wall Ruins Museum, the exhibition of “Millennium City” catches people’s eyes. Inside a huge glass cover, a section of the ancient city wall ruins of Wangjing Gate is showcasing Ningbo’s millennium of ups and downs since its establishment in the late Tang Dynasty.

On this 7.6 kilometer quality tourist route, in addition to experiencing the leisurely ancient charm, people can also be attracted by the charming modern life. The Yuans’ Mansion by the Moon Lake, with blue bricks and black tiles, is just like the house depicted in the “Double Swallows” by Wu Guanzhong. Inside the Lianqiao Pavilion, the small and beautiful library in the exhibition hall of Tu Youyou’s former residence is intertwined with the aroma of books and that of coffee. The activity of “visiting the museums at Haishu District” is being carried out, and museum research activities run through the summer vacation. On the walls of the Drum Tower, 3D lighting showcases radiance. At the brand new pedestrian block of Dongdu Road, the “east-gate night market” is coming back, with outdoor movies, trendy concerts, and delicious food on street dining carts.

“In the construction of the high-quality routes of the outer city of Mingzhou, we pay more attention to the integration of modern lifestyles. With the help of various cultural and sports projects such as ‘micro-trips of the old city of Ningbo’, intangible cultural heritage experience, literary and artistic activities, sports participation, and delicious food, citizens and tourists can not only get a touch of the beauty of history and culture, but also feel the current beautiful life.” said Yu Lan, Deputy Director of the Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Haishu District. The district strives to create a modern lifestyle that integrates cultural relics, blocks for leisure, history, street and alley stories, and modern life, thereby attracting the return of talents and promoting the revival of the ancient city.

Starting from the ancient outer city and extending westward to the hinterland of Siming Mountain, the route connects the scattered tourist spots to form a historical “cultural line” and serves as an economic “artery” of Haishu District.

In Gulin Town, the “hometown of mat rush in China”, the watery scenery line connects seven villages and a fishing community. Boating on the river, tourists can see the rippling green waves, swaying reeds, and flying egrets. The old houses with black tiles, blue bricks, and strong ancient trees in Wenjiang Ancient Village are reflected in the water, and the ancient bridges of the old Stone Horse Pond and the Siliang Water Lane stretch over the rivers. The waterfront houses, ancient bridge alleys, and beautiful countryside form the autumn scenery of a typical town in the lower reach of Yangtze River Delta area.

So far, the 10 “high-quality tourist routes”, 10 “characteristic blocks”, and 50 “highlight tourist projects”, have continuously refreshed the outlook of the district. By promoting high-quality development of urban and rural areas, and polishing the “good quality” brand, the district has become a window to showcase the high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity model

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