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Ningbo holds a grand national flag raising ceremony on National Day

On October 1st, we celebrated the 74th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. In the morning, Ningbo held a grand national flag raising ceremony, with over a thousand citizens watching the ceremony with great enthusiasm, expressing infinite respect and deep blessings for the great motherland.

On the South Gate Square of the Municipal Administrative Center, the theme flower bed of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games creates a festive atmosphere. Ningbo's advanced typical representatives, representatives of police officers, representatives of enterprise employees, representatives of government officials, youth representatives, representatives of primary and secondary school students, representatives of comprehensive law enforcement officials, representatives of military officers and soldiers, and representatives of the masses formed a team, gathering around the square and waiting for the five-star red flag to rise.

At 8 o'clock, 14 soldiers from the National Flag Guard marched with resounding steps towards the flag raising platform in the square. People recorded this exciting scene with their mobile phones and cameras

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