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Tianyige Museum reopens from March 23

Tianyige Museum has been reopened from March 23. Opening hours: Monday 13: 30-17: 00 (except statutory holidays), Tuesday to Sunday 8: 30-17: 00, stop admission 30 minutes before closing time.

To avoid the gathering of people, the real-name appointment system is adopted. Visitors are required to show their ID cards and enter the museum from the west gate of the Tianyige Museum (10 Tianyi Street).

Booking method: scan the QR code with WeChat or Alipay (Note: Alipay does not support booking free tickets and buying half-price tickets)

Online Cultural Activities launched

Ningbo cultural units launched digital exhibition halls, online exhibition halls, online exhibitions and other activities. Ningbo Museum, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum, Ningbo Library, Ningbo City Cultural Center, etc. actively acted during the temporary closing of the Spring Festival and continued to spread traditional culture to the public.

The digital exhibition hall of Ningbo Museum consists of two parts: theme display and temporary exhibition.  The theme display mainly consists of exhibition halls and key content exhibits such as "Oriental Shenzhou", "Allah Ningbonese", and "Bamboo Carving Art in Ming and Qing Dynasties". Based on the needs of the masses and the requirements of theme promotion, the temporary exhibitions enriched the museum's public cultural services through the exhibition promotion, graphic introduction, and related cultural knowledge expansion 6 to 10 times every month. The Ningbo Museum has newly opened temporary columns such as "Daily Object" to promote digital exhibitions.  The above contents can be viewed through the WeChat public account of

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An item in Ningbo becomes important agricultural cultural heritage

It is learned from Haishu District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the 5th list of “important agricultural cultural heritage items”. The “grass-rice rotation system” of Gulin (also known as Huanggulin) Town was included in the list, becoming the first in Ningbo to be included.

The important agricultural cultural heritage items are the typical representatives of China’s excellent farming culture, as well as the wisdom of the long-term production and life practice of the working people of all ethnic groups in China, bearing the genetic code of the Chinese civilization and showing the ideological wisdom and spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. 

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Ningbo's shows on CCTV

"Ningbo has the best geographical location, the auspicious air comes from East, and the program was displayed first among the four cities." "Ningbo venue is super cool with drones." In the evening of January 23, CCTV "Our Chinese Dream—the Celebration of 2020 Spring Festival" special program was launched on CCTV-3 on time. Many people in Ningbo expressed their feelings about this gala. Among the epidemic prevention and control information, these feelings are like a different kind of warm current, bringing taste  of new year and pride.

The venue of the "Our Chinese Dream-the Celebration of 2020 New Year" broadcast on the evening of January 23 in Ningbo.  Video screenshot

 Melody of Ningbo on CCTV Stage

The gala opened with the songs "Spring Festival Overture" + "Come home for the New Year". The first shot focused on Ningbo.

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Big data of public bicycles of Ningbo released

The 2019 big data of the public bicycle system of Ningbo was released on January 20. According to the data, in 2019, about 26 million people used the public bicycles, with the daily average of 71,200 people. Since 2013 when the public bicycle system was put into use, the rental volume of the public bicycles has exceeded 188 million times. The most popular area for public bicycle use is the Dram Tower area, including a dozen of public bicycle spots like the Jiefang Road and the Kaiming Street, with the annual rental volume of 865,000 times.

In 2019, three people in Ningbo used the public bicycle for over 3,000 times, with the top one using 3,949 times. A public bicycle with the plate number of “Ningbo-41322” was used 2,643 times, being the most frequently used public bicycle in Ningbo.

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