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Four artists’ calligraphy and seal exhibition held

On the afternoon of April 30th, the exhibition of calligraphy works by Zhou Lvzhi, Chen Qiyuan, He Shengsi and Shen Yuanfa was held at Ningbo Art Museum. The four old artists, with an average age of 83 years, grew up with new China, and exhibited more than 80 pieces of their works.

It is learned that the "Four Artists" have been practicing calligraphy for more than 50 years. In the early 1980s, they initiated to establish Ningbo Calligraphers’ Association which made great contributions for the prosperity and development of Ningbo calligraphy. At the opening ceremony, Zhou Lvzhi, Chen Qiyuan, He Shengsi and Shen Yuanfa's son Shen Shibai were present. Hundreds of calligraphy enthusiasts who attended the opening ceremony surrounded them and queued to ask for their signature. 

This exhibition is held to show the immortal achievements of the older generation of calligraphy and engraving artists for the development of Ningbo calligraphy engraving, and to promote the learning and character of the older generation of

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An experimental drama of Ningbo to join Edinburgh International Festival of Drama

The "Story of Wang Yangming", an original experimental drama created by Ningbo Academy of Culture and Art, was rounded off at the Water Stage of Ningbo Cultural Plaza on the evening of May 4. This is the second time for the drama to be staged, and it will attend the Edinburgh International Festival of Drama in August this year. 
The drama was first staged at the Tianyi Pavilion Museum in October 2018 in the form of script reading as a key part of the closing ceremony of the 1st Ningbo Campus Drama Festival. Recently, the drama has received the invitation of the 5th Chinese Culture and Art Festival of this year's Edinburgh International Festival of Drama.
Edinburgh International Festival of Drama, one of the oldest and largest drama festivals in the world, is one of the top three global drama festivals, with the other two being the Berlin Festival of Drama and the Festival D'Avignon. The Chinese Culture and Art Festival, jointly started in 2015 by the Scotland China Chamber of Commerce, the Edinburgh Municipal Government, the Tourism Bureau of Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival of Drama, has become an

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May Mixer


Due to the public holiday, the MAY mixer will be held on 8th May.... Same place same time. See you and share the news, please 

International Museum Day activities to be launched in Ningbo

To celebrate the coming International Museum Day on May 18, the cultural relics units and museums in Ningbo will conduct a variety of colorful activities to give the public an opportunity to have a close look at the museums, such as watching the ancient book reparation by a web celebrity named "Gezhudada", listening to the port history lecture, learning about the traditional Chinese herb culture, visiting the fine exhibitions and listening to expert lectures. 
With the theme of "museum as cultural hub: future of the tradition", this year's museum day will focus on the role of museums as the active participants of community, social groups and society. The museums are encouraged to provide high-quality cultural elements to enhance the public sense of cultural recognition and belonging and strengthen the public sense of happiness and gain. Meanwhile, as the cultural hub, the museums should also make efforts to build the platform for the exchange and dialogue between different civilizations, maintain the cultural diversity and promote the mutual communication and exchange between different cultures. 
To further convey the social role of museums, from May 18, the well-known "Gezhudada" from Tianyi Pavilion Museum will demonstrate the ancient book reparation skills at the North Fuqing Road Station of Ningbo Rail Transit, providing the citizens a chance to enjoy the traditional skillful techniques of ancient book reparation, boosting the vigor of the traditional techniques in the modern time. 

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2019 Good Life Festival kicks off

A car which can understand Ningbo dialect, virtual fitting mirror, 5G signature system... Recently, Ningbo citizens can have the opportunity to experience the latest "black technology" in China. On the morning of April 27th, with a flash of "I and My Motherland", the 2019 Good Life Festival kicked off at Ningbo Cultural Square Science Exhibition Hall.140 exhibitors set up a number of scenes in a 5,000-square-meter exhibition hall to showcase their future life. At the site, the

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