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Ningbo holds a public volunteer activity to celebrate the 29th National Land Day

June 25th marks China’s 29th National Land Day, and the theme for this year is “Strictly protect the cultivated area, and reduce intensive land use”. On June 23rd, Ningbo Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning organizes a public volunteer activity featuring “Me and Cultivated Area” to celebrate the upcoming National Land Day.

In Ningbo City Exhibition Hall, special activities are prepared for children, such as the vow-making ceremony for the first 29 little cultivated area guards in Ningbo, cultivated area protection exhibition, related children’s painting exhibition, surveying instrument for cultivated area show, and related question-answering games. Also, Ningbo’s citizens come to the hall to offer their advice on cultivated area protection and join the team for cultivated area protection.

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15 newlyweds had a group wedding on Metro Line 3

The first phase of Metro Line 3 is to be put into trial operation soon. On June 22nd, Ningbo Rail Transit organized a special group wedding for the outstanding young workers and employees of the participating units, and congratulated on the opening of the new line.  

At 8 o'clock on the morning of June 22, dressed in traditional Han costume, the 15 newly-wed couples took the rail transit at the Sakura Park Station on Line 3. Driving south, the train arrived at the Yinzhou District Government Station after more than 10 minutes. The couples then came to the main wedding venue in the Ningbo Museum, and the wedding prelude was opened with the graceful classical dance

The first phase of Rail Transit Line 3 has passed the trial operation review

On June 5th, the Construction Department of Ningbo Rail Transit announces that Rail Transit Line 3 has passed the three-day review from the expert group of trial operation.

The department tells us that they are to follow advice from the expert group, and accelerate the finishing touches inside and outside the station of the first phase of the Line 3 Project. Also, they will focus on improving the surrounding environment, adding urban road construction, and enhancing bus transfer efficiency and traffic signs. They are to find and solve problems in the project to complete the preparation for the official operation, and after obtaining the official review report, the Ningbo Municipal Transport Bureau will ask for permission for operation from the municipal government.

The completion of the Line 3 Project, the first project of the second round of Ningbo’s rail transit construction, will mark that Ningbo has entered an era of multi-line transport. The first phase of Line 3, a key transport line that extends from the south to the north of the city, is 16.73 kilometers long and has 15 stations in total

First China-CEEC Expo to be held

The Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Business announced at 3pm on May 29 at the press conference of the State Council Information Office that from June 8 to 12, the first China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair, a new state-level fair, will be held in Ningbo. It is also the only state-level fair focusing on the cooperation between China and the central and eastern European countries.
With the theme of "deepening opening and cooperation, and working together for mutual benefits", this session of the expo has Slovakia and Lithuania as the guest countries of honor. The 21st Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium will be held in the meantime. Reportedly, over 2,000 overseas traders and guests will attend the expo. 
"The upgraded China-CEEC Expo will definitely promote the further economic and trade cooperation between China and CEEC countries, and will serve as an important platform for the further "Belt and Road" international cooperation between them." said a related person from the organizing committee of the expo. The expo will consist of four sections, namely the conferences and forums, the economic and trade fairs, trade exhibitions and people-to-people exchanges. The major events include the China-CEEC Cooperation Forum, the CEEC Commodity Exhibition, the China-CEEC Investment and Cooperation Symposium, the Customs Inspection and Quarantine Cooperation and Dialogue Session, and the

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Polish Artist Brzozowski Tytus in Ningbo

The artistic works of two artists, Brzozowski Tytus from Poland and Róth Miksa from Hungary, were exhibited in the China-CEEC Cultural and Art Exchange, which opened on the afternoon on July 2. The surrealist watercolor paintings by Brzozowski Tytus and the glass paintings and mosaic by Róth Miksa were displayed with Brzozowski Tytus Marcin himself introducing his works on site. Such events enabled visitors to enjoy the charm of CEEC cultures.

Brzozowski Tytus is an in-demand painter in Poland, and he had this opportunity to pay his very first visit to China thanks to Polish Tourism Bureau. He not only brought 30 of his dreamy and beautiful paintings, but also his stories of the pursuit of art. Before he took up painting, he was an architect after he graduated from Warsaw University of Technology. “The work of an architect is stressful, so I started to paint in my spare time and enjoy the beauty and leisure painting gave me. As time went by, I invested almost all my time in painting and started to represent the history and reality of my hometown Warsaw through surrealistic methods.”

Thanks to his architecture background, skyscrapers, bridges, trams, parks and green space are among the most frequently used elements in his creation. With his paintbrush, he portrayed Polish cities including Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow, and

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