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Beilun creates an ecological “slow circle”

the picture shows the newly built park. (Photo by Wang Wei and Chen Zhangkun)

Blue plastic jogging track, light green plastic walking track, yellow garden footpath... Recently, with the construction fence removed, the northern part of Beilun District Cultural Park(tentative name) was unveiled.“The park is very beautiful, and there are special fitness roads connected to the surrounding green parks. It is especially suitable for fitness walking.” Ms. Zheng, a resident of Longshun’s home, said happily.  

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Exported heraldic porcelain in Qing Dynasty exhibited at Port Museum

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the heraldic porcelain from Guangzhou was spread to the world, leading a new lifestyle and luxurious artistic taste in the West. It was also a historical testimony of Sino-West trade and cultural exchanges during this period.  On May 21st, "Glorious Memory - China's Qing Dynasty Export Heraldic Porcelain Exhibition" was opened at China Port Museum, recreating the grand occasion of Chinese and Western ceramic trade at that time, and showing the colorful heraldic porcelain decorative art and historical value to the audience.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: “Mystery of porcelain”, “Transoceanic Customization” and “Exotic charm”. It exhibits 100 pieces of porcelain collections of the Qing Dynasty collections from Guangzhou Museum, as well as some collections from China Port Museums.  It is a rare feast of exported porcelain in Qing Dynasty.

Heraldic porcelain is a combination of European heraldic art and Chinese porcelain craftsmanship.  Heraldic porcelain has traveled across the sea to countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, the United

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Ningbo cultural promotion activities debut in South Korea

Gold and silver embroidery, enamel art show, local opera, folk music song and dance performance... At noon on May 20th, the “2019 Ancient Port Maritime Silk Road·Smile Ningbo” cultural promotion event hosted by the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau was held in the street square in Seoul, South Korea. More than 20 Ningbo artists thrilled Korean people with superb skills.


Performances like song "Dragon Character" with Chinese flavor, dance "Zanha", “Jiangnan”, and Ningbo opera "Boy Shi’er Lang" won warm applause from the audience. When He Lei and Su Xing, actors from Ningbo Performing Arts Group, performed Yong drama and electronic music "New Orchid", the audience screamed. After the performance, the audience shouted in Korean, "one more time", and the actors performed three more shows before they were able to make a curtain call.

In addition to the wonderful programs on the stage, Chinese intangible cultural heritage, Ningbo's handicrafts – gold and silver embroidery and enamel also attracted the Seoul visitors. Professor Li Yongnan from Seoul International Studies University said that he is very interested in Chinese culture and specially took his students to watch the show.

Bilingual service in all public transport in 2020

“You are now at......” Recently, in Nr.29 bus that runs on Ningdong Road, the LED screen began to display both Chinese and English for stops. 3 international students at Ningbo University said it was so friendly.

According to the transportation department, it is expected that by 2020, the bilingual voice broadcast for public transportation in the downtown of Ningbo will be completed, and the city's surrounding attractions will be actively promoted to be bilingual, which is convenient for international friends to travel by bus.

During the two sessions of the city in 2019, it is suggested that “Ningbo should build an international language environment and add bilingual stop signs and bilingual broadcast for buses”. This proposal was quickly received by the transportation department who later declared that the bilingual broadcast and bilingual logo display of the main bus lines in the downtown area will be realized within 2019.

Two months have passed, and what has happened? Recently, the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal People's Congress organized some representatives of the Municipal People's Congress to inspect the construction of the bus bilingual

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