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Insurance plus service serves as new model for social governance

Recently, it is learned from the Finance Office of Yinzhou District that the “national digital demonstration platform for health and insurance transaction”, located at Ningbo Insurance Technology Industrial Park at the Xiaying Street, has integrated the data information for medical care, medical institutions and commercial insurance institutions, thus realizing the one-stop handling of medical reimbursement, data submission and reviewing and settlement of claims.

“The insurance has got a new meaning with the development of the internet and new technology has brought about maximum value.” In recent years, by taking advantage of the development of such advanced technological fields as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, Yinzhou District has promoted the application of insurance innovations in the social governance domain. For example, it has taken the lead in the province is launching a dozen of new insurance varieties, like the food liability insurance, the comprehensive insurance for elevator security, and the comprehensive insurance for precise assistance. In the first five months of this year, the district has achieved an insurance premium income of 3.176 billion yuan, up by 9.19% over the same period of last year.

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Green Development Vision of Maritime Silk Road Ports released

“... for beautiful shipping, beautiful Maritime Silk Road and a beautiful world.” said Mao Jianhong, President of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Group, after he read out the “Green Development Vision of Maritime Silk Road Ports” as a representative of the participants of the closing ceremony of the 5th International Cooperation Forum for Maritime Silk Road Ports on the afternoon of July 12.

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5th Innovation China Israel Summit: A batch of Israeli hi-tech projects come to Ningbo to do the roadshow

The 5th Innovation China Israel Summit takes place in Ningbo on this Tuesday. Israel is known for its industrial creativity and R&D ability. During this summit, a batch of Israeli projects featuring high and new technologies come to the city to do a roadshow to seek for possible investment.

Israeli project presentation in Ningbo

Israel is known as “a country of entrepreneurship” in the world, with its number of NASDAQ-listed companies next only to the US and China and its per capita venture investment ranking the first globally.

The projects Israeli friends present have impressed investors and leaders of related companies in Ningbo. There is an APP named ClariFruit which can test the maturity, quality, freshness, expiration date, and taste of fruits and vegetables, and the Intervyo system, the world’s first automatic interview system, which allows AI to select job applicants in recruitment interviews. The Sheratol Technological Company,

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China Nautical Day Forum opens in Ningbo

On July 11, the China Navigation Day Forum, co-sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, the Chinese Maritime Society and the Water Transport Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, opened in Ningbo. More than 400 Chinese and foreign guests from various countries and regions, shipping and logistics fields and international organizations along the B&R attended the forum.

It is reported that since 2005, 2019 is the fifteenth China Nautical Day and the implementation day of World Maritime Day in China. As the only festival approved by the State Council in China’s sea field, it is currently the highest level, the widest scope and the most comprehensive festival in China.

The organizing committee of the forum further improved the forum framework around the theme of the “National Maritime Development of the Shipping Industry” in 2019. In addition to the main forum, the forum has opened corresponding sub-forums in four directions: seafarers, ships, enterprises and culture. At the same time, a series of mass events were also held in the same period, including the China Nautical Day Regatta, the Port Museum Open Day, the Naval Ship Open Day, the Summer Camp, the Exchange Camp, and so on.

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The city has created a new pattern of traffic control

Recently, drivers who often travel from the downtown to Zhenhai all found that at the intersection of Zhongguan road, Dongchang Road and 329 National Road where they used to wait for four or five times for traffic lights, it is now much smoother and the driving speed has increased greatly. This is due to the key remediation actions carried out by the city in 2019.

In the recent “Ningbo City Traffic Congestion and Public Transport City Construction and Road Civilization Improvement 2019 Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Plan”), improving the congestion management in the whole city and creating a new pattern of traffic control in the whole city has also become one of the key tasks of traffic congestion control in 2019.

In recent years, the city's governance on traffic congestion has been extended from the central city to the surrounding area, and urban traffic control has expanded to urban and rural traffic control. "In 2019, the city should further promote the "four-in-one" type of traffic control which realizes the integration of urban and rural areas, and create an equal, harmonious and integrated traffic environment. The person in charge said.

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