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Aquatic experts help farmers with shrimp problems

"The heavy rainfall brought by the typhoon will cause changes in the water environment of the shrimp pond. The vannamei will have a stress reaction and have the disease." In the past few days, the city's aquatic experts went to some fishery ponds in Cixi to guide farmers to carry out post-disaster disposal, relieving the stress of shocked shrimp.

There are many fish and shrimp ponds in Huangshan, Guanhaiwei Town. In order to help local aquaculture farmers to properly cope with post-disaster problems, experts from Ningbo Ocean and Fisheries Research Institute and experts from Cixi Aquatic Technology Promotion Center went to the fishery ponds of local fishery cooperatives and farmers to check the disaster situation and provide technical guidance. "If the shrimps get

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Professionals from Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design and Research Institute surveys disaster-stricken sites

Recently, all the staff of Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design and Research Institute were dispatched to the disaster-stricken sites, using scientific measurement methods to conduct comprehensive surveying of the affected spots such as Beilun and Tiantong, and generate panoramic stereoscopic images to provide scientific basis for restoration and reconstruction.

On August 10th, a mobile measurement team dispatched by Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design Institute went to multiple roads with serious water-storage like Cuibai Road, Haishu District, Yonggang North Road of Yinzhou, Rainbow North Road, Qianhu North Road, and Innovation Road to monitor the conditions there. They used "laser scan + panoramic image" to survey the water-storage area. Data were analyzed and immediately

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Ningbo explores the integration of intangible cultural heritage and tourism

In 2019, the first year of integration of culture and tourism, on August 5 and 6, the citizens, experts, writers, scholars, and more than 20 media formed a team to explore the intangible cultural heritage projects with the most local cultural characteristics. Through a series of trips including Yue kiln celadon, Zhenhai Haiphong story, Ninghai dowry and Yinzhou national treasure tour, the team explored the charm of Ningbo’s cultural tourism integration and held symposiums to discuss how to better make use of intangible cultural heritage.

On the afternoon of August 6, experts and scholars believed that high-quality tourism requires a more unique and added value of regional culture, while intangible cultural heritage is one of the most distinctive cultures. The combination of tourism and intangible cultural heritage will be a new trend, while in the process of development, the protection of intangible cultural heritage cannot be ignored. In addition, at the meeting, the inheritors of our city’s national intangible cultural heritage also discussed the cultivation of inheritors and the expansion of the intangible cultural heritage industry.

At present, the city has the only national-level cultural and ecological protection experimental zone in the province - Xiangshan Marine Fishery Culture and Ecological Protection Experimental Zone; a complete national, provincial, municipal and county-level four-level directory system has been established. Currently, there are 25 representative items of national intangible cultural heritage and 96 items at the provincial level, with 15 national representative inheritors and 78 provincial representative inheritors, 5 national-level traditional craft revitalization catalog projects and 12 provincial-level projects; There are also 57 bases including provincial-level intangible cultural heritage inheritance teaching, publicity, and display, productive protection, university non-legacy research bases, etc., and 7 small towns of intangible cultural heritage at the municipal level. Next, cultural tourism integration will be taken as the focus to strengthen the development and utilization of intangible cultural heritage resources and promote the transformation of traditional cultural resources and cultural elements into tourism products, so as to construct a new pattern of scientific protection of intangible cultural heritage

River network discharged 540 million cubic meters

"The typhoon has left Ningbo, but the river network is still at a high water level, and the drainage cannot stop." On August 11, Li Liangyu, a staff member of the Municipal River Management Center, said. From 8 am of 7th to 8 am of 11th, the city's river network accumulated 540 million cubic meters of drainage, equivalent to the water volume of four Baixi reservoirs. Among them, Yaojiang Second Channel (Cijiang) drains 46 million cubic meters.

From August 5th, a drainage campaign quietly started in the city. Under the guidance of the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, the major reservoirs and river networks are pre-discharged, and the water volume is

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National U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour held

The Ningbo session of the 2019 National U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour was held on July 27. The competition includes four items: the male street style, the female street style, the male bowl pool style and the female bowl pool style, with each of them having the groups of U18, U15, U12, and U9. The competition attracted about 199 participants from all over the country, with the youngest candidate being only five years old.

Skateboarding is a highly enjoyable and challenging skill sport, attracting many teenagers with its stylish and cool features. In 2016, the International Olympic Committee announced that skateboarding would officially become an Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In February 2019, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games proposed to include skateboarding in the games. Thus, skateboarding has become an important part of chinas Olympic glory strategy and national fitness strategy. It is in this context that the U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour comes into being

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