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Zhejiang’s first intelligent light pole road to be put into use

Recently, it is learned from the relevant departments that Keji Road in Yinzhou District, Zhejiang’s first intelligent light pole road supporting driver-assistance technology is to be completed and put into use. The road was invested and constructed by Yincheng Group.

The total length of smart light pole section of Keji Road is about 300 meters, located from East Changshou Road to Chunyuan Road. Yincheng Group has systematically planned road signs and space, erected 9 multi-functional intelligent light poles, and built an intelligent light management platform.

These intelligent light poles use new steel and aluminum combination materials and integrate emerging technologies such as big data, vehicle networking and Internet of Things, which can carry various devices and sensors to achieve interoperability of urban operation data and improve the accuracy of urban management. They are an important part of new infrastructure and smart city construction.

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Ningbo technology transaction volume reached 20.59 billion yuan in the first 8 months

"It is urgent to cooperate in the research and development of high thermal conductivity graphene heat dissipation film materials to solve the pain points of 5G mobile phone heat dissipation." Recently, Huafeng Packaging Co., Ltd. pay a high price of 10 million yuan to find technology, which attracted many innovative teams to come to negotiate. Chairman Chen Yifeng said that he hopes to develop long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and institutes to solve common problems in this field. At present, Huafeng is cooperating with relevant scientific research institutes and other teams to invest more than 20 million yuan in related equipment and research and development, and is determined to make the heat dissipation film the world's first in the industry through technological innovation.

Enterprises release their needs and governments summarizes common problems and formulates special projects and invites national innovation teams to solve the problems. Model like this has become the "last mile" for Ningbo to get through the transformation of

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Cultural Design Empowering Ningbo Smart Manufacturing Summit Forum,

On September 24, the 2020 Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tourism Expo, together with the Cultural Design Empowering Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum, was held in Beilun Beifa Group Co., Ltd. At the forum, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Design Service Alliance Ningbo Cooperation Center was formally established. The center will rely on Ningbo Beilun's cultural and creative industry innovation comprehensive service system, linking high-quality resources in the province, and empowering the transformation and upgrading of Ningbo's manufacturing industry with design.

 In this event, the Zhejiang Cultural Design Service Alliance will play its role as a bridge and link, link the resources of member units, invite experts, scholars and well-known cultural and creative industry entrepreneurs to discuss the new situation and new trends of the cultural design industry development, and share the brand building Experience results and cutting-edge concepts, so as to  introduce new ideas, and new directions to cultural design in our province, further promote the integrated development of cultural and design services and related industries, and promote the high-quality development of Zhejiang’s economy and society.

15 leading figures in the manufacturing and design industries were also invited to participate in the roundtable forum. They shared opinions and exchanged experiences around the three topics of "IP design inspires new vitality of products (brands)", "digital and intelligent transformation of creative design", and "new trends in the development of smart manufacturing in the digital economy era", through the exchange of ideas to empower the high-quality development of Zhejiang's cultural industry

Waste classification "black technology" demonstrates national creativity

With the release of the "four-color list" of the classification quality of domestic waste in Ningbo in March this year, the city's streets and communities have gradually begun to "catch up with learning". In order to improve the quality of classification, many citizens realize that some garbage bags must be broken and some supervision facilities must be updated. Creativity has become the “motive force” of classification, and more and more “black technologies” are eye-catching. 

"In the community, the food waste bag must be broken before it is placed into the dustbin. But what should people do if the swill touches the hands and smells too much? This 'bag break technology' can solve the problem perfectly, and will not get your hands dirty at all!" Recently, in Ziwei Community, Yuehu Street, Haishu District, Aunt Li, under the guidance of Master Zhao, the supervisor at the side of the bucket, skillfully completed the whole process of dropping the bag.  

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The Ningbo Area of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone Officially Opened

On September 24, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government held the opening ceremony of the expansion area of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone at the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province. The three new areas of the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone, namely, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Jinyi, were officially unveiled.

 After being granted greater autonomy in reforms in March 2020, the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone ushered in the successful approval of the expansion of the zone, marking that the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone has entered a new stage and officially opened the prelude to the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone version 2.0.

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