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Foreign investment in Ningbo up 32.7% in 2021

According to the latest data approved by the Ministry of Commerce, in 2021, the actual utilization of foreign capital in Ningbo amounted to 3.274 billion US dollars, up 32.7% year on year, outperforming the province and the whole country with a double-digit "acceleration": the growth rate of the actual utilization of foreign capital is 12.5 percentage points and 16.5 percentage points higher than that of the whole country and the whole province respectively.

In fact, the double-digit growth rate has become a footnote for foreign capital to "run into China". Last year, the country's actual utilization of foreign capital was ¥173.48 billion US dollars, up 20.2% year on year; the province's actual utilization of foreign capital was ¥18.34 billion US dollars, up 16.2%.

In this context, Ningbo's "acceleration" is particularly noticeable. Taking the province's growth rate of 16.2% as an example, Ningbo's growth rate is more than twice the average speed of the whole province.

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Total industrial output above the designated size in 2021 exceeds ¥2 trillion for the first time

The total industrial output value above the designated size of Ningbo reached ¥2.21 trillion, up 21.8% year on year, breaking 2 trillion for the first time; the added value of the above-designated industry was ¥486.5 billion, a net increase of over 80 billion, up 11.9% over the previous year, a new high since the "13th Five-Year Plan"; the scale of industrial investment ranks first in the province, up 20.4% year on year.   

The high score of Ningbo Industry comes from the continuous promotion of new projects. Last year, the scale of industrial investment in our city ranked first in the province, and the growth rate was at the forefront of the province, and it has maintained double-digit growth for three consecutive years. There are 2,929 projects under construction in the city with a value of more than 5 million yuan, including 680 projects with a value of more than 100 million yuan.

The high performance also stems from the continuous acceleration of R&D innovation. The output value of new products in Nnigbo reached ¥757.44 billion last year, up 26.3% over the previous year.

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Tianyi Pavilion Museum offers “final exam” for primary students

At the final examination stage of primary school students in Haishu District, Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Haishu Central Primary School jointly launched the activity of “pavilion owner taking you ‘through’ the pavilion”, adopting high-tech means to make the museum research courses enter the paperless final evaluation of primary schools, as a part of the “double reduction” campaign.

The activity was held in the Ancient Exploration Center of the east campus of Haishu Central Primary School. It integrates the scientific and technological means of VR immersive experience and is an interactive intelligent experience combining sound, light and electricity effects. As long as students wear VR glasses and gently click the button on the handle, they can “step into” Tianyi Pavilion Museum, to explore the treasure library, and personally “feel” the internal structure and book collection of the library with a history of over 450 years. During the virtual tour, six interesting questions were set to promote pupils’ understanding of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum by means of learning in fun.

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Ningbo Launched a New Round of Manufacturing Upgrade

By the end of 2025, we will eliminate a total of 2,000 enterprises with backward production capacity, rectify and upgrade 4,000 high-consumption and low-efficiency enterprises, rectify 5,000 "scattered and polluted" enterprises, and free up a total of 30 square kilometers of low-efficiency industrial land. The goal of 600,000 yuan per mu of tax per mu of Shanghai Industry... Recently, our city has launched a new round of manufacturing "to change the cage for the bird, and the phoenix to nirvana". According to the plan, our city will intensify the replacement of manufacturing enterprises and blocks, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and accelerate towards a new highland for the overall industrial governance of the manufacturing industry and a leading city for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Ningbo's manufacturing industry has a solid foundation and has seen steady progress in recent years. However, the shortage of industrial land and the urgent need for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy have become increasingly prominent. How to break the shackles? The answer given by Ningbo is to speed up the transfer mode and adjust the structure, so as to realize high quality upgrade.

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A special final examination held

On the afternoon of January 14, on the campus of Zhonggongmiao Central Primary School of Yinzhou District, the students of Grade Two were taking part in a special final examination for music.

That is part of the special final examination for the students from Grade One and Grade Two of the school, in the form of a park tour. The activities included identifying the old landmarks of Ningbo, enjoying the tangyuan, singing traditional Ningbo tunes, painting new landmarks of Ningbo, and other games like dialing the clocks, painting cards with the pictures of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port and Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and finding out the pronunciations of such local time honored brands as Gangyagou, Zhuangyuan Building and Zhao Dayou.

By integrating the knowledge into a park tour of traditional local culture, the event helped the students to consolidate their learning in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, serving as a successful implementation of the “double-reduction policy”.

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