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Construction of Asia’s largest marine interchange bridge kicks off

On July 27, the Ningbo Phase I project Binhai interchange section of Asia’s largest sea interchange bridge Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway double line has officially started construction, according to Ningbo city traffic department,

Binhai Interchange is a sea interchange overpass connecting Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway double line and Ningbo-Zhou Expressway, which adopts deformed clover leaf (single-ring type) interchange. It is composed of 1 main line interchange bridge and 8 ramp bridges. The total length of the main line is 1550 meters and the total length of the ramp is 6387 meters, which will become the largest sea interchange overpass in Asia after completion.

Hangzhou-Ningbo double line S3 contract section of the main project Binhai viaduct and sea interchanges construction difficulty, high technical requirements, the main line bridge and ramp bridge 4 times across the Jintang Bridge. In addition, the Binhai viaduct crosses natural gas pipeline, crude oil pipeline, power plant water intake shield tunnel, Zhoushan water supply pipeline, Zhoushan 500 kV submarine cable, drainage pipeline and other 17 submarine pipelines of national livelihood, with high safety risk and complex construction organization. It is expected to be connected to the adjacent sections of the sea channel within three months.

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C30 Ningbo Consensus released by Global Cloud Computing Conference

The “C30: closed-door conference of 30  leaders”, jointly sponsored by Ningbo Big Data Development Administration,  Ningbo Bureau of Service Development and the Informa Markets, was held on the  afternoon of July 21 at the Pan Pacific Hotel of Ningbo. 30 representatives  from governments, enterprises and research institutions attended the  conference and discussed about such topics as the new infrastructure  construction, 5G + industrial Internet, and the new-generation digital  treatment. As a result of their discussion, the C30 Ningbo Consensus was  finalized and released.

Firstly, the epidemic outbreak is both a  challenge and a chance, especially for such fields as big data, artificial  intelligence and cloud computing. These digital

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39 sci-tech achievements of Ningbo win provincial awards

The Science and Technology Awarding Ceremony of Zhejiang Province was held on the morning of July 17 in Hangzhou, at which 39 scientific and technological achievements led or participated by universities, research institutions or enterprises of Ningbo won the awards

Statistics show that among the 39 award winners, 21 are led or participated by Ningbo enterprises, accounting for 54% of the total. Then in terms of the industrial domains, the award winning achievements are mainly related to such major fields as industrial internet, new materials, life and health, and modern agriculture, and

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Foreign capital for actual use in Ningbo increases

It is learned from Ningbo Bureau of  Commerce that in the first half of this year, the actual use volume of  foreign capital in Ningbo stood at US$1.524 billion, up by 1.8% over the same  period of last year, 5.8 percentage points higher than the national growth. The  actual use volume accounted for 63.5% of the annual objective, much higher  than the half-year goal.

Since the world’s largest commercial  vehicle manufacturer established its branch at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone with  an investment of US$2.21 billion in January this year, a globally well-known  health care company and a global retail chain giant have also invested in  Ningbo. By the end of June, 67 foreign Fortune 500

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Promotion for cooperation between construction industry and real estate enterprises held

On the morning of July 15th, Ningbo held a promotion conference on supply and demand cooperation between the construction industry and real estate companies, which promoted the strengthening of interoperability between enterprises, created a comprehensive cooperation platform in the field of real estate construction, and promoted the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the city's construction market.

The promotion meeting notified the credit evaluation of the city's housing construction projects in the first half of the year. Real estate companies such as Greentown and Vanke signed on-site contracts with construction companies such as Ningbo Construction Group, Zhejiang Xinzhongyuan and Zhejiang Xinjie, agreeing to carry out all-round cooperation in construction, manpower, capital, technology and other aspects to create high-quality housing construction products.

At the meeting, the Municipal Construction Association, Ningbo Quanjing Innovation Club, the Municipal Real Estate Association, the Municipal Supervision and Bidding Association, and the Municipal Construction Engineering Inspection Association signed a cooperation agreement to give full play to the advantages of the five association platforms and break through the industry boundaries to  create a benign development ecosystem for cooperation between supply and demand in the construction and real estate sectors.

At present, there are 2,370 construction enterprises in the city, including 16 special-level construction general contracting enterprises and 289 first-level construction general contracting and professional contracting enterprises. In 2019, the total output value of the city's construction industry reached 296.2 billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of the city's GDP

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