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Ningbo introduces 10 policies to stabilize foreign trade

On the basis of the promulgation of a series of favorable enterprise policies in the early stage, Ningbo has stabilized its foreign trade with “combination boxing”. On March 30, the city formally issued "Several Opinions on Supporting Foreign Trade Enterprises to Troubleshoot and Stabilize Orders and Expand the Market" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The Opinions set out ten policy measures including financing, credit guarantee, customs clearance, and law, starting from the major projects guarantee, order stabilization, and market expansion.  

It is reported that in order to support the implementation of the "Opinions", the municipal government has arranged financial funds of nearly 200 million yuan, and plans to launch a series of innovative measures that are at the forefront of the province, such as further reducing the rate of small and micro enterprises entering the unified insurance platform and implementing "ship straight to the side of the ship" for imports and  “direct loading after arrival" for exports, etc.

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Ningbo urges Liberia to issue new version of safety circular to its global flagged ships

Recently, with the active promotion of the Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration, the Liberian Maritime Administration officially issued a new version of its safety circular to its global flag-laden ships. It revised and supplemented reminders to prevent collisions between commercial and fishing vessels in the coastal waters of Zhoushan, Ningbo, and further assisted commercial and fishing vessels to avoid and be effective in a timely communication. 

Liberia, located along the “Belt and Road”, is the second largest flag country in the world, with more than 4,600 ships registered with the Liberian maritime authorities, with a registered gross tonnage of more than 180 million, accounting for about 13% of global merchant ships. The updated content of the Liberia Circular specifically combines the suggestions and needs of local merchants and fishing crews in Ningbo, and has been successfully completed through the "port state-flag state" cooperation mechanism.

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Ningbo becomes Zhejiang’s first demonstration city of integrated transportation service

On March 24, after passing the acceptance check by expert group and being published on the website, Ningbo, along with Beijing, Shanghai and other 14 cities, officially passed the acceptance check and listed as the first demonstration city of  integrated transportation services in Zhejiang province.

Since it was ranked among the first batch of national demonstration cities in August 2015, Ningbo has kept the principle of integrated transportation to improve basic infrastructure and services. Through promoting information sharing and management mechanism, it explored many ways of coordinated development and gradually established a system of smooth connection, powerful support, standardized regulation and quality services. Ningbo, after demonstration, has boosted 15.4% of transportation density, shortened 50% of average transfer time, seen an increase of 252% of sea-railway combined transportation.

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Ningbo ranks No.6 in China’s service sector reform cities

The National Development and Reform Commission recently announced the evaluation results of comprehensive reform of the national service industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan period (pilot municipalities, cities specially designated in the state plan, provincial capitals, and provincial capitals in the eastern and central regions). Ningbo ranked sixth, right after Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

From June to December 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission evaluated 19 pilot areas for comprehensive reform of the 13th Five-Year Plan. The assessment involves six aspects including working mechanism and innovation reform measures, overall development level and quality, investment and construction achievements, innovation and development of service industry, expansion of service industry opening, and service industry development environment. The qualitative and quantitative evaluation was carried out through four working stages, including the preliminary review of the manuscript, i

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Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration launches 51 government services

Recently, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration of PRC launched services to inform citizens in government processing. The first beneficiary was “Yongda 519”, a Ningbo cargo ship, as it received Certificate Of Registry within only 2 hours. This addressed its pressing need of operation after transferring its ownership.

Certificate Of Registry is important to demonstrate the nationality, port and ownership of the ship, which is tightly connected with the construction, operation and trade. A valid certificate of ship inspect is necessary for the approval of Certificate Of Registry as it can prove the ship’s condition.

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