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The remote review proposed by Ningbo upgraded to an international standard

Recently, the 30th Committee Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Port State Supervision Memorandum of Understanding (Tokyo Memorandum) came to an end in the Marshall Islands. The proposal of the “Port State Supervision Remote Review Guidelines” submitted by the Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration was approved at the meeting. The guidelines will have a one-year trial run in the Asia Pacific region.  

It is learned that the "remote review" mechanism is an innovative template by the Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration to explore and refine and use information technology to effectively carry out post-event supervision.  For the foreign ships, the maritime authority shall conduct port state supervision and inspection according to law, and conduct a round-trip review on the ship defects found during the inspection and must be corrected before departure. After the rectification is in place, the foreign ship may leave the port.

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Ningbo session of Zhejiang-Taiwan Cooperation Week to be held

According to Ningbo Office of Taiwan Affairs, the Ningbo session of the 2019 Zhejiang-Taiwan Cooperation Week will begin on September 18. It will attract about 300 scholars or prominent experts of such fields as intelligent manufacturing of Internet of Things, polymers, semi-conductor industry, cultural, creative and design industry, education and health, cultural tourism, big health and fine agriculture in both Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, to gather in Ningbo and seek for cooperation for the new chances of digital economy.

With the theme of "integrated development and cooperation for win-win result",

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Special exhibition on China-Japan architectural communications to be held

A special exhibition on the China-Japan architectural communications over the past two thousand years will be held at the Sci-tech Protection Center of the Museum of Ancient Architecture of the Baoguo Temple on September 12, and the 75 exhibits include 52 pieces of carpentry tools of all kinds and 26 models of the bucket arch, the teahouse and the wood-inlaid craft window.

As the No.101 project of the activities of the "2019 promotion year for China-Japan youth communication", the exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Ancient Architecture Museum of Baoguo Temple and the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum of Kobe, Japan.

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21st high-level talent fair to be held

It is learned from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that the 21st Ningbo High-level Talent Fair will kick off on September 20. The "246" billion-level industrial clusters and the companies or institutions from the Yangtze River Delta area and the counterpart areas will gather at the fair. Over 1,300 companies or institutions will bring about 16,000 posts and about 20,000 high-level talents with the doctoral degree or master’s degree will be invited to the fair to boost the high-quality development of Ningbo.

The fair is composed of the three major events, including the open fair for talents with high degrees,

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"Marine Silk Road" Recitation Contest rounded off

On September 7, the final of the "Marine Silk Road" Recitation Contest for young reciters, one of the theme activities of the 2019 Marine Silk Road Culture and Tourism Festival of Yinzhou District, came to a successful end at the Red Dowry Bookstore of Ningbo Cultural Plaza. The winners of the contest will then serve as the "little ambassadors" and "little spokespersons" of Ningbo for spreading the marine silk road culture.

 At the contest, the young candidates recited with great passion some original works based on the marine silk road culture of Ningbo, showing their pride for being a Ningboer. The final is conducted in the two groups of bigger children and young children. Finally, 10 candidates, including Fang Lishu, Gu Chang, Yan Jingshu and Cai Yuxuan, won the “Gold Microphone Award”, 15 candidates won the “Silver Microphone Award” and 25 won the title of "star

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