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Ningbo enterprise wins innovative award for aluminium foil

At the awarding ceremony of the first “China innovative award for aluminium foil” held during the Shanghai China International Aluminium Industrial Exhibition, the “environment-friendly aluminium foil food box exclusively for G20 Summit” and “aluminium foil food box specially for lobsters” developed by Ningbo Time Aluminium Foil Technology Co. Ltd. were given the “innovative award for aluminium foil”.

The award is jointly sponsored by China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industrial Association and the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative. The innovative award for aluminium foil used to be only given in Europe. This is the first time for China to have this award, and it is regarded as the “Oscar award” of the aluminium foil industry in China.

The environment-friendly aluminium foil food box is the special food box exclusively used for the G20 summit. “The food box is sealed with heat to keep the food fresh, maintain the nutritious component, and guarantee the safe storage and transport, as the aluminium foil has sound insulation property and fine sealability.” said a person in charge from the company. After winning the market recognition with its sci-tech design investment in recent years, Ningbo Time Aluminium Foil Technology Co. Ltd. has become the sole maker of the standards of the household aluminium foil industry in China

Ningbo foreign trade scale on steady rise

According to the latest statistics from Ningbo Commission of Commerce, since the beginning of this year, Ningbo has maintained an over 20% growth rate for import and export over the six consecutive months, with its export volume accounting for 3.28% of that of the whole country, representing a steady rise of its foreign trade scale.

In addition to some major foreign trade enterprises, the small and micro foreign trade enterprises have also made great breakthroughs. In the first half of this year, the Shimaotong platform achieved a total import and export volume of over US$600 million, including US$400 million for Ningbo, up by 75%, involving over 5000 small and medium foreign trade enterprises.

In addition, as an important hub of the belt and road area and a living fossil of the history of the ancient Silk Road, Ningbo has actively expanded its foreign trade along the belt and road area in response to the national belt and road initiative. Ithe first half of this year, Ningbo achieved 9.832 billion yuan for import and export to the countries of the belt and road area, up by 28% over the same period of last year, accounting for 27.2% of the total import and export volume of the city, including 6.359 billion yuan for export, up by 18.6%.

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Cross-border E-Commerce Trade Volume of Ningbo Free Trade Zone Reaches 24 Billion Yuan in the First Half Year Accounted for 75% of the total volume of Ningb

According to the latest statistics from Ningbo Customs, the cross-border e-commerce trade volume of Ningbo Free Trade Zone contributed by 12.545 million import declarations reached 24 billion yuan in the first half of 2017, increasing 28.4% and 19.2% compared to the same period last year. And it takes up 75% of the total volume of Ningbo.

In the first half of 2017, 4.16 million people in china, most of whom were from the Yangtze River Delta region, shopped in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone cross-border e-commerce platform.

In terms of the commodity structure, the sales of diapers, infant milk powder and cosmetics goods still top all kinds of goods. At the same time, the types of commodities are becoming increasingly diverse. Statistics show that the number and categories of mid and low-end wine imports increased significantly, and drinking water of high-end brands are well-received by consumers, such as Evian, Paris, Kunlun Mountain and so on. In addition, latex pillows, latex mattresses and other latex bedding imports increased substantially.

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2017 Petrel Action starts

The opening ceremony of the 2017 Petrel Action, jointly sponsored by the Organization Department of Ningbo Party Committee, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Ningbo Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, was held in Ningbo Entrepreneurship and Innovation College on July 22, attracting over 30 distinctive overseas students of Ningbo origin from the prominent universities of such countries and regions as the US, Germany, the UK, France, Canada, Holland, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

As is reported, the sponsors intend to integrate such resources of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation College, the WE+ Space, Oulin Group, Junsheng Group and the returnee entrepreneurs and familiarize the participants with the talent policy and investment environment of Ningbo, through such activities as the tea exchange meeting, the maker-space visiting and idea competition, the artistic life exchange and painting appreciation, and the career planning and theme salon

Beautiful Village tourism promotion project launched

On the morning of May 13th, 2013 Ningbo “Beautiful Village” Tourism promotion was launched at Ninghai Xizi International Square. It was hosted by the municipal government and co-organized by the municipal tourism bureau and Ningbo Daily. Near 100 activities were on display through integrated advertising both on-line and off-line and omnimedia.

Over recent years, Ningbo has been promoting the integrated development of recreational farming and tourism demonstration village construction. The promotion on the theme of “Beautiful Village” promotes the upgrade and transformation of tourist industry. The total overflow of rural tourism in 2016 reached 43.944 million, up by 15.12% than last year grossing 5.4 billion yuan, up by 25%.

The promotion will last till October. Major activities cover every corner of rural tourism—accommodation, catering, transportation, entertainment and shopping. Besides, local villages will offer 80 tourist festivals on local customs, cuisines and flower viewing spots etc

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