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Online Platform for Investment Projects in Ningbo Went into Operation

An online examination, approval and supervisionplatform for investment projects in Ningbo went into full operation on August 15th, which signifies a seamless connection between platforms of central government, provinces and cites and counties. Hereafter, examination and approval for investment projects will be more convenient and coordinated management more efficient.   
The introduction of this online platform is a key task of the State Council to innovate in investment project management, as well as an innovative measure of promoting streamlining administration and delegation, and improving service reform.

Online examination and approval makes simultaneous work possible by linking departments in charge of development and reform, land and resources, city planning, and environmental protection, etc. together through the Internet and big data technologies. It also realizes a connection between governments at all levels so that proprietors are spared of repeated submission of materials. The platform, which deals with investment projects within certain time limits, has been applied in 271 government departments related to examination, approval and supervision in Ningbo now. 

The greatest highlight of the platform lies in the system of unified project codes which are crucial for its operation. Each project must obtain a code as its unique ID from the platform before applying for examination, approval or supervision, and the progress of examination and approval can be check online. Besides, government department collect application materials and find related information according to project codes.   

This platform makes the process of examination and approval more transparent since the progress online is public to appliers and all departments. It also boasts functions like handling within time limits and whole-process monitoring, which means the power of government departments is effectively monitored and restricted, in the meantime, supervision on projects by government departments are also more efficient, legal and convenient

CPI of July up by 1.6%

According to the latest news from the related departments, in July this year, the CPI of urban residents in Ningbo rose by 1.6% over the same period of last year, with the growth rate remaining almost the same as in June. In the first seven months, the CPI rose by 2.2% over the same period of 2015. 
Seven of the eight kinds of consumer goods or services witnessed price rise while only one kind saw price decrease compared with the same month of last year. among others, the price of food, cigarettes and wines rose by 2.4%, the price of clothes rose by 3.3%, the price of houses rose by 0.9%, the price of daily necessities and services rose by 0.5%, the price of traffic and communications dropped by 1.1%, the price of education, culture and entertainment rose by 1.1%, the price of medicine and health rose by 4.2%, while the price of other products and services rose by 4.6%. 
Compared with in June, the CPI of the rural residents increased by 0.6%. With the lasting high temperature in summer, the demand for vegetable and meat declined, and the price of the fresh vegetables rose by 6.6% over the previous month, the price of pork dropped by 2.3%, while the prices of drinking water and bear rose by 5.4% and 3.7% respectively. With the price rise of the river shrimps and sea crabs, the seafood price rose by 8.4%. With the price rise of some sports shoes brands, the prices of women’s shoes and children’s shoes increased by 5.1% and 7.4% respectively. With the coming of the summer vacation, the price of flight tickets rose by 8.0%, and the tour charges rose by 9.2%. the price of health products rose by 5.4% over the previous month, while the price of golden jewelry rose by 6.1%

Ten Ningbo enterprises selected as leading enterprises for high-end equipment manufacturing

Recently, the High-end Equipment Manufacturing Coordination and Promotion Office of Zhejiang Province issued the list of the "leading enterprises for high-end equipment manufacturing. Among the 100 enterprises, 88 are manufacturing ones and 12 are engineering service ones. Ten enterprises from Ningbo are selected into the list, including Geely Auto, Phase Power, Haitian Precision Machinery, XinGaoYi, CSI Power & Machinery, Haitian Plastics Machinery, Tian’an Electric, Riyue Heavy Industry, Yunsheng Group and Welllih Robots. 
High-end equipment manufacturing is one of the seven major industries in Zhejiang Province. According to the "planning for high-end equipment manufacturing development of Zhejiang Province (2014-2020)", the province will focus on the development of such ten fields as new-energy cars and rail transit equipment, high-end ship equipment, photovoltaic and new energy equipment, efficient energy-saving equipment, smart textile and dying equipment, modern logistics equipment, modern agricultural equipment, modern medical equipment and machinery, robots, and smart manufacturing and key basic parts. Ningbo has formed a high-end basic parts manufacturing industry with Phase Power, EMC Pneumatic, Orient Cable and Tiansheng Corporation as leading enterprises. In the field of special equipment, Ningbo also has such leading enterprises as Haitian Precision Machinery and Cixing Corporation. In the first six months of this year, the equipment manufacturing industry of Ningbo achieved an added value fo 61.6 billion yuan, up by 7.7% over the same period of last year

Ningbo deals effectively with technical barriers to trade

The technical barriers to trade, usually referred to as the "recessive trade barrier", has always been a threat to the foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo. According to the survey report recently released by Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2015, 56.60% of the local exporters were affected by the technical barriers to trade, with a direct loss of US$1.153 billion, down by 30.75% compared with the previous year, which shows that Ningbo has made great progress in dealing with the technical barriers to trade. 
In recent years, with the technology innovation and industrial development of different countries, the technical barriers have become the most hidden and difficult barriers in the international trade. In March and April of 2015, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau conducted a survey of the influence of foreign technical barriers on Ningbo exporters. As the results show, 18.58% of the enterprises chose the technical barriers as the biggest difficulty for their export, and 11.11% and 14.49% of the enterprises, the second and the third respectively. Among all the enterprises affected, 53.65% of them suffered from direct loss caused by the loss of orders, and some suffered from such losses as the price reduction, item return and additional processing. 
To improve the capacity of dealing with the technical barriers, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has made a lot of useful explorations, including establishing the technical barriers-dealing group for industrial product export, setting up five work stations in such areas as Cixi County, Yuyao County and Yinzhou District, and working together with the industrial associations in toys, baby products, stationery, lighters and household appliances. It has also conducted cooperation with the "8718" SME service platform by providing the information supply and consulting services of the technical barriers and broaden the technical support channels

Ningbo to be built as a city with large international influence

According to the "proposal on drafting the 13th Five-year Plan for national economy and social development in Ningbo" by the municipal Party Committee, Ningbo will be built as a trade cooperation and exchange center with more international influence. 
Besides the economy and trade, such fields as education and culture, medicine and health, technological innovation and urban construction will also develop the open and innovative atmosphere and superior business environment with more international elements. As a large oriental port, Ningbo will strive to gain more international influence to become a trade cooperation and exchange center. 
According to the statistics from Ningbo Commerce Commission, in the first six months this year, ten overseas projects with the investment of over US$100 million were approved, with the total contracted capital of US$1.34 billion. Seven projects invested by some overseas Fortune 500 enterprises were approved, with the actual capital addition of US$690 million. Meanwhile, the volume of the approved or registered investment in overseas projects reached US$2.437 billion, with the actual investment value of US$1.151 billion, both doubling those of the same period of last year. An increasing number of Ningbo enterprises have built their overseas production bases, R&D centers and marketing networks. 
As a major international trade center and an important city for the opening of the Yangtze River Delta area, Ningbo will accelerate its construction of the trade cooperation and exchange center by taking advantage of the national "one belt and one road" initiative and the strategic chance of developing the economic belt of the Yangtze River area

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