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First outdoor marriage certificating base opens

With the breeze of the early summer and the fragrant roses, in May 29, the Lisheng Rose Manor of Beilun District, Ningbo's first outdoor marriage certification base, officially opened for use, started with the 2021 collective certification wedding ceremony of Beilun youth. Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau, Beilun District Government and other organizers joined hands with social organizations and caring enterprises to create a new wedding ceremony for 18 couples on the very day.
The ceremony started at 9:30 a.m., when the couples wearing wedding dresses and formal dresses entered the ceremony hand in hand. The flower arch and balloon lawn set off the sweet smile of the couple. They took a collective oath under the solemn national emblem, made their promises, and took the marriage certificate from the leaders of Ningbo Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. At the scene, representatives of the new couples' close relatives and friends witnessed this happy moment together.
In order to make the wedding ceremony perfect, the organizers carefully arranged every link from the early start, including the preparatory launching, organization registration, wedding dress selection, personnel arrangement, site layout, and logistics support. At the scene, the blessing of the scene dance "getting married" to the new couple, the message of the couplet of family style and the wedding gift packages to the new couples, and the care of the new couple from the special activity of marriage and family counseling make the

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Ningbo Promulgated the Implementation Plan for Cultural Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of the Grand Canal (Ningbo Section)

Yesterday, it was learned from relevant departments that the "Implementation Plan for the Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of the Grand Canal (Ningbo Section)" was recently jointly issued by the General Office of the Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of the Municipal Government. The plan uses the World Cultural Heritage of the Grand Canal (Ningbo Section) as its core resource. The planning scope involves Haishu, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun, Yinzhou, Yuyao and other districts (cities). The implementation period of the plan is 2020-2035, of which the short-term period is 2020-2025, the medium-term and long-term period is 2026-2035, and the plan looks forward to 2050.

The Grand Canal (Ningbo Section) is located at the southernmost end of the Grand Canal in China. It is the intersection of the Grand Canal and the Maritime Silk Road. Among them, the Shangyu-Yuyao section of the East Zhejiang Canal (the Yuyao section), the Ningbo section of the East Zhejiang Canal and the Sanjiangkou of Ningbo (including the Qing’an Guild Hall) were included in the World Cultural Heritage List in June 2014. The canal has 152 kilometers of rivers and 179 kilometers of branch lines, totaling 331 kilometers. The plan

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Construction plan for the Ningbo area of ​​Zhejiang Free Trade Zone released

The municipal government of Ningbo recently issued "the Construction Plan for the Ningbo Area of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone ". According to the overall requirements and functional positioning of the Ningbo Area, it will speed up the construction of the integrated development of the "Core Area, Linkage Area, and Radiation Area".

Ningbo area has a 46km2 core area, including 20.4 km2 in Daxie, 7.8km2 in Meishan, and 17.8 km2 in the comprehensive bonded zone. Daxie is a functional area for the entire oil and gas industry chain, new material innovation and international shipping hub; Meishan is an international supply chain innovation functional area, creating an international supply chain innovation center with global influence; the comprehensive bonded zone is a new type of international trade and intelligence demonstration zone for high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

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Ningbo launches a new round of medical insurance system reform

Yesterday, Ningbo held a press conference on "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Insurance System", and a series of new medical insurance policies will gradually be implemented.

The main person in charge of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau said that as of the end of last year, the number of basic medical insurers in the city was 7.674 million, and the household registration rate reached 99.81%, which basically achieved the insurance coverage for all. On the basis of universal insurance, by 2022, Ningbo will unify the medical insurance policy system, fully implement the basic medical insurance city-level overall plan, and continue to deepen the pilot program of long-term care insurance. By 2025, Ningbo will basically establish a mature, stereotyped and sustainable multi-level medical insurance system, and initially form a modern medical insurance system that is integrated, intelligent, coordinated and efficient. By 2030, a comprehensive medical insurance system with basic medical insurance as the main body, critical illness insurance as supplement, medical assistance as the foundation, supplementary medical insurance, commercial health insurance, charitable donations, and mutual medical assistance will be established.

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Premier Li visits Ningbo Zhoushan port

Premier Li Keqiang urged efforts to build Zhejiang into a strategic transfer station for bulk commodities during his inspection tour in the East China province on May 24.

At the latest executive meeting of the State Council, the Premier made arrangements to ensure the supply of big commodities, curb unreasonable price increases and prevent possible transmission to consumer prices.

For his first stop in Zhejiang, Premier Li visited Beilun port of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company and heard reports on pricing trends of international bulk commodities at the dock.

Ningbo Zhoushan port, topping the world's cargo throughput 12 years in a row, is the country’s largest transfer station for iron ore and crude oil.

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