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Ningbo becomes Zhejiang’s first demonstration city of integrated transportation service

On March 24, after passing the acceptance check by expert group and being published on the website, Ningbo, along with Beijing, Shanghai and other 14 cities, officially passed the acceptance check and listed as the first demonstration city of  integrated transportation services in Zhejiang province.

Since it was ranked among the first batch of national demonstration cities in August 2015, Ningbo has kept the principle of integrated transportation to improve basic infrastructure and services. Through promoting information sharing and management mechanism, it explored many ways of coordinated development and gradually established a system of smooth connection, powerful support, standardized regulation and quality services. Ningbo, after demonstration, has boosted 15.4% of transportation density, shortened 50% of average transfer time, seen an increase of 252% of sea-railway combined transportation.

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Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration launches 51 government services

Recently, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration of PRC launched services to inform citizens in government processing. The first beneficiary was “Yongda 519”, a Ningbo cargo ship, as it received Certificate Of Registry within only 2 hours. This addressed its pressing need of operation after transferring its ownership.

Certificate Of Registry is important to demonstrate the nationality, port and ownership of the ship, which is tightly connected with the construction, operation and trade. A valid certificate of ship inspect is necessary for the approval of Certificate Of Registry as it can prove the ship’s condition.

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Ningbo’s GDP per capita in 2019 reached US$21,000

According to the statistics from Ningbo Statistics Bureau and Ningbo Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics issued on January 22, in 2019, Ningbo achieved a total GDP of 1.19851 trillion yuan, up by 6.8% over the previous year, 0.7 percentage point higher than the national growth. The GDP per capita stood at 143,000 yuan, that is, about US$21,000.

“The economy is running smoothly on an overall basis. And in a steady and progressive way, the industrial development is picking up.” said a person in charge from Ningbo Statistics Bureau. The solid promotion of the high-quality development and the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood have laid a solid foundation for the high-level comprehensive construction of a well-off society of the city. 

The industrial production has rebounded steadily.

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Export tax rebate rates for 569 products in Ningbo increase

Recently, Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration has jointly issued the Announcement on Increasing Export Tax Rebate Rates for Some Products. From March 20, increase export tax rebate rates for 1,464 products including chemical products and plant products. It is learned from Ningbo Tax Service that chemical products, plastic products and other products that count for high proportion of exports in Ningbo are all within the scope of the new policy, involving a total of 569 export products, benefiting more than 5,200 export enterprises in the city. It is estimated that the annual export tax rebate will newly increase by over 350 million yuan.

 “The increase in export tax rebate rate is beneficial for the foreign trade, helping stabilize the situation. We are going to establish a tracking service mechanism for the establishment of export companies to ensure the tax rebate bonus,” an officer in No. 2 Tax Office of Ningbo Tax Service said.

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Public data collecting and monitoring platform for charging facilities launched

The public data collecting and monitoring platform for the charging facilities at the municipal level, developed by Ningbo Power Supply Company of the State Grid, was officially launched on January 21.

The emergence of this platform is closely related to the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market. By the end of 2019, the number of new energy vehicles in Ningbo had exceeded 40,000, including 124,000 private cars, 3,800 buses and 188,000 rental vehicles. Accordingly, such enterprises as Ningbo Power Supply Company, TGOOD, Ningbo Lvjie, Yongyichong and Star Charging have built a number of charging facilities.

Reportedly, the platform aims to meet the demands of 50,000 charging poles, with the functions of data access and management, operating monitoring, and operation data analysis.

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