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Two municipal master's studios built in Jiangbei District

It is learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jiangbei District that the 2016 list of municipal master's studios has been issued, and the Master He Wei's Studio of Xinyuan Industry Group and the Master Wu Fenfen's Studio of New Dachang Textile Co. Ltd. have been included in the list.

Reportedly, to strengthen the cultivation of skilled talents and promote the district's talent development strategy, Jiangbei District has launched the construction of master's studios since 2013. So far, there are two provincial master's studios, six municipal studios and eight district-level ones

Haishu starts "smart elderly care"

Without going out of the house, the elderly in need can receive such services as housekeeping and nursing with just a call or the online message. The portable smart elderly care products may keep record of the health conditions of the elderly and give out an alarm when there is anything wrong. These are just some examples of the smart elderly care scheme of Haishu District. On the afternoon of October 10, a smart elderly care promotion activity was held at the Guang'an Smart Elderly Care Service Center located on the "Public Welfare Street" of Haishu District.

There are now about 73,000 senior citizens above 60 years old in Haishu District, and with the aging rate of 24.7%, the district has a great demand for elderly care. The Guang'an Smart Elderly Care Service Center was established in July 2016 to address the demand. By taking advantage of the internet technology, the center has set up an elderly care information platform, and conducts online-offline interaction for demand docking with the support of some public welfare organizations concerned.

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2016 Overseas Talents' Trip to Ningbo launched

With its strong industrial foundation and powerful innovation capacity, Ningbo has been an ideal destination for various kinds of talents. By May 2016, there have been over 7000 innovative enterprises, over 1200 high-tech enterprises and over 100 leading innovative enterprises boasting an output value of one billion yuan. The added value of the strategic emerging industry reached 43.5 billion yuan, up by 9% over the same period of 2015. Over 5400 invention patents have been approved in the whole city, up by 91% over the same period of last year, and Ningbo ranks No.8 in China in terms of innovation capacity.

Since the launching of the "3315 plan" in 2011, the attraction of returned overseas talents in Ningbo has been accelerated. Currently, there are over 1.92 million talents working in Ningbo, including over 8000 high-end overseas talents, which is growing at a speed of 1600 people per year. Reportedly, 97 teams and 333 returned overseas talents have been included in the "3315 plan", including 75 national "1000-people plan" experts, 198 provincial "1000-people plan" experts, both ranking among the top in Zhejiang Province. Thus the "Intelligence Valley" is now taking shape.

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Considerate Services of Ningbo Customs Advance Clearance Efficiency

“A significant rise of inbound and outbound tourists is occurring ensued after the National Day. We should provide sound services and consultancy for tourists at home and abroad.” Xiejian, an experienced staff in Tourism Inspection Department of Ningbo Customs, told his younger colleagues on duty recently. 
Nowadays, airports in Ningbo offer more round-trip chartered flights to popular tourist attractions like Bali and Boracay Island. Besides, with the advent of the National Day Holiday, the number of inbound and outbound flights and tourists are continuously on the rise, imposing stricter demands on the order and efficiency in dealing with these flights.
To cope with existing difficulties, a special team arises. Formed by several young customs staff familiar with the practices who are also members of the CPC, the team members are versed in foreign languages such as English, Korean and French. They will draw on their specialties to address problems on customs clearance by foreign tourists, zealously providing considerate services and displaying the excellence of Ningbo Customs.
It is also a crystallization of the profound implementation of the project—“Two Learn and One Become”. Over 1000 party members and cadres in the Customs integrate the learning of the party disciplines and the call of Xi Jinping with everyday work, ensuring that all of them stick to their posts, put what’s on the book into practice and strive for a more convenient and efficient environment of customs clearance on all fronts.

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Ningbo Talents, Science and Technology Week kicks off

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Ningbo Talents, Science & Technology Week as well as the China (Ningbo) Global Enterprise Development Forum was held on the morning of September 24. The major leaders who made speeches at the ceremony include Tang Yijun, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Ningbo, Cui Mingmo, Director of China International Economic Cooperation Academy of the Ministry of Business, and Long Yongtu, former Deputy-minister of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and former Secretary of the Bo'’ao Asian Forum.

Also present at the ceremony are Yao Jianquan, Han Buxing and Chen Yunmin, academicians from Chinese Academy of Science, Li Dequn, Li Wei and Qian Feng, academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Crittenden, a Foreign Associate of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Huiyao, Deputy-director of the Western Returned Scholars Association and Director of Center for China and Globalization.

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