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Beautiful Village tourism promotion project launched

On the morning of May 13th, 2013 Ningbo “Beautiful Village” Tourism promotion was launched at Ninghai Xizi International Square. It was hosted by the municipal government and co-organized by the municipal tourism bureau and Ningbo Daily. Near 100 activities were on display through integrated advertising both on-line and off-line and omnimedia.

Over recent years, Ningbo has been promoting the integrated development of recreational farming and tourism demonstration village construction. The promotion on the theme of “Beautiful Village” promotes the upgrade and transformation of tourist industry. The total overflow of rural tourism in 2016 reached 43.944 million, up by 15.12% than last year grossing 5.4 billion yuan, up by 25%.

The promotion will last till October. Major activities cover every corner of rural tourism—accommodation, catering, transportation, entertainment and shopping. Besides, local villages will offer 80 tourist festivals on local customs, cuisines and flower viewing spots etc

Ningbo Establishes Distinctive Township for Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation

On May 3rd, seven townships in Ningbo were first given the approval to establish Distinctive Township for Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation, which was a new mode initiated by Ningbo to inherit Intangible Cultural Heritage.

These seven townships are separately Qiantong Township in Ninghai renowned for the special fair on Lantern Festival, Shipu Township in Xiangshan which celebrates the start and end of fishing season, Gaoqiao Township in Haishu, where the legend of butterfly lovers originates, Liangnong Township in Yuyao inheriting traditional craft of making pastry, Hengxi Township in Yinzhou famous for golden-painted wood carving, Meishan Subdistrict in Beilun with local lion dance and Longshan Township in Cixi inheriting traditional craft of furniture making.

With the core placed on the inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the establishment of Distinctive Township has received great support from the government and wide participation of the public. Lu Huaqian, former governor of Qiantong Township told the journalist, “Aside from the state-level intangible cultural heritage— special fair on Lantern Festival, Qiantong Township is also known for three municipal-level ones including wine dance and one at the county-level, namely, skills of making Three Treasures of Qiantong. After the establishment, it will turn into a serene place

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A reading room built for village children

The launching and book-donating ceremony of a new reading room, with the theme of "growing up with books", was held at the Chalu Primary School of Ninghai County on April 22. This is the second reading room of its kind that is co-built by the Entrepreneur Association of Ningbo National Democratic Construction Association. Reportedly, the association will build such a reading room every year in the future.

Some members of the association attended the ceremony and brought with them 656 new books, including some novels that have won international awards, the popular science books or picture books, and such poplar children books as the "Ma Xiaotiao, a naughty boy" serie

Fenghua Planning to Build a Sponge City to Prevent Floods

According to Fenghua government, “Study on the Plans of Building A Sponge City of Fenghua”has been voted through. The building of a sponge city will help to absorb and utilize 75% of the rain, lower the chance of flood damage and relieve the urban heat island effect. Up to now, several projects in trial zones has been launched with the project of greening for Honglangtang about to begin.

As a key area of flood prevention and rainwater control in Ningbo, Fenghua will deliver benefits to the whole Ningbo by building a sponge city as it will build a large “sponge”at the upper reach of central part of Ningbo. During a typhoon, it will help to relieve the damage of floods in central Ningbo.

It is known that the key areas of the sponge city projects cover 34.3 square kilometers. The next move will be to start to work out the short-term plans for the construction of the sponge city with a goal to make clean water more accessible, lower the chance of floods and relieve the heat island effect

38 projects win provincial science and technology award

On April 19, the provincial science and   technology awards conference was held in Hangzhou with 280 awards in total,   of which our city contributed to 38 awarded projects. Electronic information, new materials, intelligent   manufacturing, new energy, agricultural technology, sea technology and health   are the 7 major force areas.

In the 38   awarded projects, there is a third prize of natural science, a second and a   third prize of technology invention. The total number of awards has increased   by 21% than last year.

In the   recent years, our city has become a pilot city for many national innovation   projects like “Made in China 2025” and promotion of integrated development of   science and technology and finance. With enhanced science and technology   innovation policies and system, upgraded innovation capacity of the city will   promote the general development of Ningbo

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