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Ninghai county introduces more than 40 new products

“Detoxification of the seed potato can restore its physiological function and production characteristics, and the yield per mu can be increased by more than 20%.” On the afternoon of April 13, two agricultural experts came to the base to provide guidance on the prevention and control f disease and insect of the 12 mu planting.

The potato planting area reaches 27,000 mu. Common potatoes can transmit its virus to the next generation through seed, which thus leads to smaller potato pieces, worse varieties and affects the yield. In 2019, the base introduced virus-free potato for breeding. Early next month, potato harvest is expected to total about 20 tons. These potatoes are to be promoted in Huchen, Yuexi and other places.

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Digital economy in High-Tech zone enters "fast lane"

“The outbreak made companies mainly leading in service industry realize the important of building IOT, and our revenue of software doubled than that of previous year in the first 3 months of 2020,” said Qu Qihui, the general manager of Ningbo HadLinks Co, ltd. who has run off his feet recently. As the first to resume work in Ningbo Software Park, HadLinks not only finished its existing orders but also speeded up in developing IOT system of contactless elevators in response to the outbreak. The system is about to be in the phase of trial.

Companies like HadLinks abound in Ningbo High-Tech Zone which secure

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“Cloud matchmaking” platform between Ningbo and CEEC

On the afternoon of April 9, the first Global Online Exhibition of Ningbo Commodity 2020 (a special event for pandemic prevention materials for Central and Eastern Europe) was held in our city to set up a "cloud matchmaking" platform between suppliers and sellers.

The relevant director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce(NMBC) introduced that this event is an important platform for Ningbo to innovate the exhibition service mode, expand the presence of companies in the international market and prmote the development of service enterprises.

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Ningbo signs country’s first foreign-related trademark application fee loss insurance

Recently, the policy of “the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement Risk Protection Insurance” of Zhejiang Yizhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially issued. The policy was underwritten by China Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. and is China’s first foreign-related trademark application fee loss insurance.

Zhejiang Yizhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a state-level key high-tech enterprise, is famous for its registered trademark “SHIP” about cable and electric wire.

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First maintenance-free public pipe rack in China completed

The pipe rack project in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone, Haixiang Road, has been completed recently. The project is 1km long and is the First maintenance-free public pipe rack in China.

It is learned that all steel structures of the project have adopted innovative forms and hot-dip galvanizing technology. Compared with other technologies, hot-dip galvanizing technology has advantages in plating durability, maintenance-free, etc. The service life of the structure is more than 50 years and the structure is

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