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13 Tutors Engaged in Cultural and Creative Enterprises

The Creative Culture Festival held by the National College Science and Technology Park of Ningbo closed on June 29th. Seven tutors from Ningbo University and other universities worked together with cultural and creative enterprises. Up until now, a total number of 13 tutors have cooperated with these enterprises to help them upgrade and transform. 
The Park, a national entrepreneurial and creative platform, this year put more efforts in introducing cultural and creative enterprises. A base of cultural and creative industry has begun to take shape. The production, teaching and research center of College of Science & Technology Ningbo University and the Innovative Center of Ningbo Institute of materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences also joined in the Park. 
The Creative Culture Festival was to promote the sound and fast development of cultural and creative enterprises. This year, college students presented more than 1,000 pieces of cultural and creative works. In the closing ceremony, Ningbo officially became the center of national oceanic science and technology. The park also signed contracts with websites and cultural spreading corporations.

Young entrepreneurs get training in Peking University

A training program for young entrepreneurs from Yinzhou District, Ningbo kicked off in Peking University last Sunday.

Fifty-two young entrepreneurs from 48 companies participated in the training program, which presents an opportunity of face-to-face exchange with experts and professors from Peking University and other elite universities and research institutes.

A striking contrast with previous years is that more young entrepreneurs born in '80s are attending the training class. They make up nearly half of the total students, showing the trend of succession between two generations of entrepreneurs in recent years. To better meet the demand of these young entrepreneurs, the training program offers courses like "Family Business Management" and "Capital Operation and Mergers".

The training program, since its opening in 2007, has trained more than 350 entrepreneurs.

University offers scholarship for entrepreneurship degree programme

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China is offering a full tuition scholarship worth £9,000 (RMB90,000) to a graduate from any discipline - and from anywhere in the world - who would like to pursue a masters degree in entrepreneurship.

The University's MSc in Entrepreneurship, offered for the first time from September, is aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to conceptualise, develop and successfully run your own business.

The programme prepares individuals for self-employment as well as careers in larger organisations.

The entrepreneurship degree is uniquely offered at a branch campus of one of Europe's top business schools, Nottingham University Business School China.

This means you work towards a highly sought-after postgraduate degree from a reputable UK university while developing and deepening your knowledge of important business concepts from the vantage point of China – a country with unrivalled business and trade opportunities.

A strong feature of the programme is that much of the learning takes place outside lecture rooms and off-campus so that students can see first-hand how business works in China and can develop an understanding of how to engage effectively with international partners and clients.

Teaching sessions are highly interactive and case study-focused, so that there is less emphasis on abstract theory and more on acquiring knowledge and developing problem-solving abilities that are highly relevant to modern business and industry.

The coursework you will be expected to complete prepares you for real-life business management.  An extended business plan, which could be applied after you graduate, is part of the requirement for the qualification of Master of Science in Entrepreneurship.

Lively interactive seminars and group projects are designed to give you the opportunity to hone your team-working methods and leadership abilities.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship is designed for postgraduate students with little or no previous knowledge of business, as well as business school graduates, and provides an opportunity for non-business and management majors to switch paths.

The programme is highly attractive to young professionals with several years of work experience who are ready to start their own businesses or develop a business within an existing organisation.

Professor Carl Fey, Dean of Nottingham University Business School China, said: "This masters degree programme offers the core subjects necessary to be a successful manager.  However, unlike traditional business school programs, the MSc in Entrepreneurship is very practical and includes much interactive teaching.

"As an entrepreneurship student, you will have the opportunity to be embedded in a company and develop expertise as a consultant. You will also have the unique opportunity to formulate and develop a business idea, which can be critiqued by international business experts," he said.

Professor Fey noted that another exciting aspect of the programme is that the University will aim to create opportunities for students who produce the better business plans to connect with venture capitalists looking to fund new projects and play a role in developing them into highly profitable operations.

"This is a highly innovative, unique masters degree programme that gives you a taste of what it is like to run your own businesses as well as the opportunity to develop your own business dreams and goals.  The programme is going to produce some top business people," said Professor Fey.

Core modules include subjects that provide an essential foundation for any business player, including marketing, finance and accounting.

"Unlike ordinary marketing, finance and accounting programmes, our entrepreneurship students will explore these subjects from the perspective of an entrepreneur who needs to maximise every opportunity to make money," said Professor Fey.

"Increasingly, larger organisations are valuing people who can act entrepreneurial inside their firms to keep their firms well-aligned with customer wishes and who are constantly innovating. The interaction of people from diverse backgrounds, which is typical in business, is also a strength of the programme and leads to good learning," he added.

Students will graduate with degrees from The University of Nottingham, UK. All lectures and seminars are delivered in English and all assessment will be in English at the Ningbo, China branch campus.

International students may be required to provide evidence of English proficiency. There is also the option of spending a preliminary year honing English skills for academic purposes.

Full details about the MSc Entrepreneurship programme are available on the Nottingham University Business School China website.

If you are interested in applying for the MSc in Entrepreneurship degree programme and scholarship opportunities, please contact Lauren Quinn Taylor of the University's student recruitment office. For more details about the course content, please contact Dr Brian Hilton, director of masters programmes at Nottingham University Business School China.

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City offers training programs on 10 sought-after jobs

Last Saturday, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released their training plans on 10 sought-after jobs to the public.

The training plans cover 10 fields involving the manufacturing, finance, information industry. They are CNC programmer, programmable control system designer, gold investment analyst, credit manager, packaging designers, stylists, the production Digital Video (DV) producer, landscape designers, business information administrator, business culture trainer,

The newly released training plan mainly targets the most sought-after occupations currently. "Take gold investment analyst as an example. By offering market analysis, consulting services, and assessment and investment strategy, a gold investment analyst can get an annual salary as high as 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan. The truth is that there are less than 1,000 certificated gold investment analysts in China. The job makes a desirable one in the field of finance. Another example is landscape designers. The salary of landscape designer is going up as people's life quality rises," said Liang Qiuluan, director of Occupational Skill Testing Center. She added that local training institutions shall apply to be trainers of these programs according to their qualifications

Faculty training class for KAB project opened in Ningbo

On the morning of April 17, a teachers' training class for the KAB project opened in Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University. The class has 35 students from institutions of higher learning in Ningbo and people from the College Graduates Business Park of Ningbo.

The training class aims to train a team of qualified people who are capable of guiding and supporting more college graduates to establish their businesses. In the five-day class, the trainees will receive systematic trainings in theory and practice. Those who pass the examinations will get the certificate of completion of courses authorized by All-China Youth Federation and International Labor Organization. Those who are engaged in business training for 36 hours will be awarded the certificate for the lecturer of the KAB project.

It is reported that Ningbo will strengthen the construction of the College Graduates Business Park and provide college students more opportunities for practice in business establishment. It will encourage colleges and business parks to play a greater role in the education and guidance of the college graduates in business establishment. It will involve authorities of institutions of human resources and entrepreneurs of middle and small enterprises in giving guidance and support to college graduates in their business establishment.

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