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Video distance learning system to be set up in Ningbo

According to a program recently released by a conference on Ningbo's Distance Learning, a high-definition (HD) video distance learning system will cover schools and universities (including private schools) on city and county levels in Ningbo by the end of this year. The move aims to promote balanced and fair education.

According to an official in charge of teaching facility and computer-aided education, with the new HD video distance learning system, local schools and education administrative departments can interact with each other via multi-way HD video. School students can choose to attend elective courses offered by another school. The new system will facilitate school exchanges and cooperation and enable more people to use the high-quality educational resources and further promote balanced and fair education. Moreover, the system links the Ministry of education, Education Department of Zhejiang Province and the municipal emergency center with schools in Ningbo, and serves as an efficient conference platform and the emergency control system.

Based on the demand and effect in the first phase, the system is expected to cover more universities and schools, making high-quality educational resources available for more people

First Ningbo Youth Science Carnival held

The 1st Ningbo Youth Science Carnival was held in Ningbo Huamao Foreign Languages School on November 24. Academician Lin Qun from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice-mayor Chen Zhongchao attended the opening ceremony.

The carnival, jointly hosted by Ningbo Association of Science and Technology, Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau, themes on "flying science dreams and growing up with innovations" and covers over 100 activities in 20 categories. Apart from the participants, the carnival captured the attention of over 1000 visitors.

Five schools of Ningbo to implement the modern school system

Ningbo recently held a meeting on the trial implement of the modern school system. At the meeting, five schools: Ningbo High School, Ningbo No.3 High School, Ningbo Business School, Yongjiang Vocational High School, and Ningbo International School are listed in the pilot schools.

According to the plan, in the following two or three years, Ningbo is going to adjust the relationships between the government, the school and the society so as to establish the basic framework of a modern school system characteristic of "running schools according to the law, democratic supervision and social participation".

The major conflict between school and student's parents is that the parents do not know about the affairs of the school. In the new modern school system, the school should establish a parents' committee, a board of education, or a committee of the school's affairs, in which personnel from the neighborhood community and related professionals should participate in the management and supervision of the school. With the implement of the system, in such affairs involving the interest of the students as the purchase of school uniforms and textbooks, the school or related teacher can make a suggestion or a plan with necessary explanations and the parents' committee should make the decision. In such a system, parents should have greater right to information, right to participation and right to supervision.

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International Students’ Day

To celebrate the International Students Day, six students with the Ningbo University came to the Public Transport Company and helped clean buses for them.

Fudan University EMBA Forum held in Ningbo

An EMBA forum hosted by the School of Management of Fudan University was successfully held in Ningbo last Saturday. The visiting scholars and experts provided research and analysis on economic trends in 2013 on the forum.

"Amidst the global economic downturn, China's economic growth at 7 percent is actually quite impressive. However, the Chinese stock market and property market remain bearish. What has happened to China's economy?" asked Prof. Qian Shizheng, a well-known professor from School of Management, Fudan University. He believes that China's economy is in a transition period. Under such circumstances, China's economy is developing at a slower pace and also undergoing a structural change. The outlook of China's economy in 2013 lies in transition and innovation.

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