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Tax burdern decreased

The videoconference on experimental work of replacing sales tax with value-added tax was held on April 28th by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation. Good results of the experimental work have been seen in Ningbo with 22,827 enterprises included in this reform and a tax revenue of 521 million yuan. More than 96% of tax payers face a lighter load mow. 
The export service enterprises benefit from this reform. In the past four months since the reform, 7 enterprises have saved 12 million yuan and 16 enterprises have applied for tax-exempt export, which amounted to 67 million yuan. 
   It has been learned that the reform will be carried out in the whole country from August 1st, 2013 when radio, film, television, screening and publishing will be included.

300 patents applied by 150 students in one year

From the Zhejiang Business Technology Institute yesterday, over 300 patents are applied by 150 students in majoring in industrial design, one third of which have reached the cooperation with enterprises.
Wu Dongjun, the director of the industrial design and innovation center, said every student generally has more than two notices of accepting patents, and some students even have as many as six patens. The most valuable patent has sold as much as 300,000 yuan. They have won over 40 innovation awards covering national level, provincial level and municipal level. 
The hot melting 3D printer is designed by Wu Dongjun and other teachers as well as students. The 3D printer is several kilograms weight, and it can print out a precise nut in half an hour. Compared with the expensive 3D printers in the market, this printer is less than 10,000 yuan. At present, a Beijing-based enterprise has begun to mass production.
According to their introduction, most of patents are designed for everyday life and many of them have been bought by enterprises. In order to better realize the value of the patented products, the institute is trying inventing patents for enterprises. the homework is the projects of enterprises. students design the patents in light of the projects and problems. Ningbo Tianhong Stationery Co., Ltd has customized patents. Several days ago, the enterprise spent 800,000 yuan buying eight students’ patents. 

Ningbo Students Reading Festival opened

To help students to form good reading habit, on the eve of the 18th World Reading Day, the first Ningbo Students Reading Festival opened in the Library of University Park of Ningbo on the afternoon of April 21. This festival is jointly hosted by Ningbo Education Commission, Library of University Park of Ningbo, Ningbo Library for Children, Yinzhou District Education Commission, Jiangdong District Education Commission, and undertaken by Southeast Daily of Ningbo. Government officials Shen Jianguang, Hu Chidi, Fang Qing and Jing Songjian were present at the opening ceremony. Attendants to the ceremony included about 400 college students, middle school students and some parents. 
Reportedly, during the festival, the educational department will organize 14 activities: reading forums, lectures by famous experts, scholars and writers, and composition competition and so on.

Ningbo to implement the cooperative innovation strategy for higher education

According to a meeting held on April 15 on the work of higher educational institutions, in 2013, Ningbo will implement the cooperative innovation strategy for higher education, taking it a important work for the higher education in the year and the years to come. 
In order to upgrade the higher educational institutions, and promote the cooperation of education and enterprises, Ningbo will start the construction of a national-level experimental zone for the cooperative innovation of education and industries, a core demonstrative zone in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area, and a park in Higher Education of Ningbo for cooperative innovation of education and science. 
At the meeting, it was pointed out that in the time to come, the higher educational institutions should make breakthroughs in system and mechanism innovation, and that the city should steadily improve the system and mechanism for the integrated development of higher education and regional economic and social development. It was emphasized that the city should improve the mechanism for the cooperation of enterprises, universities and research institutes, and that policies should be established to eliminate the system and mechanic barriers and barriers between departments. 
Meanwhile, to meet the economic and industrial demand, the city will build about 10 cooperative innovative centers of Ningbo higher educational institutions, to make research of key technologies for industries and enterprises. With these centers, Ningbo aims to promote the emerging industries, and the reform of higher education. 
In the five years from 2013, Ningbo will allocate special funds for education as subsidies for the construction of the innovative centers, and for the construction of the experimental areas.

Ningbo's 'smart city' development boosted by research centre

Ningbo could soon be benefitting from increased use of smart technology, designed to make residents’ everyday lives easier, thanks to a recently-launched partnership.

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) and Ningbo Academy of Smart City Development have joined forces to establish the Ningbo International Smart City Research Centre, which will investigate how the city can use information and communication technology (ICT) more effectively.

The centre, which will be based in UNNC’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, will advise the government on the best use of technology as well as research potential applications. It will be co-ordinated by the digital economy research strand of the International Doctoral Innovation Centre(IDIC) at UNNC and the Ningbo Academy of Smart City Development.

It is the latest phase in the Ningbo municipal government’s 40.7 billion RMB smart city project, which looks at how technology can be better used in a range of projects from video analysis of traffic to energy and waste management.

Smart cities use ICT effectively in order to use resources more efficiently, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and quality of life for residents.

Professor Guoping Qiu, Head of Computer Science at UNNC, said: “This multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research centre will research and develop novel smart technologies and technological solutions, as well as new economic policies and business models for accelerating Ningbo’s smart city development.” 

For more about the research centre contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More press information about UNNC is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., communications and marketing officer, UNNC, on +86 574 8818 0940.


Posted on 22nd April 2013
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