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Ningbo's universities see more female students

As a new semester begins in most Ningbo schools last week, many local universities and colleges saw an increase in female students.

In Ningbo Institute of Education, the students are predominantly female in recent years. In 2012, the number of female students in the school accounts for 88 percent, a record high. The school enrolled 1,015 new students in 2012, including 893 females and only 122 males. They enrolled more than 200 pre-school education majors, but only six are male students.

And it's not just vocational schools that are seeing a rise in female students. The same situation happened in some comprehensive universities in Ningbo. Ningbo University enrolled a total of more than 8,000 freshmen this year, and the gender ratio was 45:55 (male to female). Women students definitely dominate such majors as languages study.

Zhejiang Wanli University enrolled 4,989 freshmen, including 2,256 boys and 2,733girls, or 45.2 percent male students and 54.8 percent female students, remaining a similar gender ratio with Ningbo University.

Even science and engineering-based universities like Ningbo University of Technology tend to see higher female enrollment. The school enrolled a total of 3,353 new students this year, with boys accounting for 58.66 percent and girls 41.34 percent. Girls dominate the liberal arts majors, especially language majors. The Japanese language program recruited 51 girls and only 10 boys. Another example is the Chinese Language program, which attracted 70 girls but only 11 boys.

However, many employers in Ningbo prefer male applicants when hiring employees, which makes female graduates more difficult to find jobs and less opportunities to get promotion than their male counterparts.

Close-End Fair of Top Grade Innovative Talents to open

More than 700 jobs, with maximum annual salary of 3 million RMB yuan... According to Ningbo Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Close-End Fair of Top Grade Innovative Talents, a part of 14th Talents Conference is to be held on Sept. 22 ed, at which 700 high-end vacancies of 120 big companies from Zhejiang and other provinces are available. 
It is reported that participants to the fair include large companies such as Yinyi Group, Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd, Wuxi Hongdou Group Co., Ltd, Wenzhou LED Co., Ltd. Six of the companies have their registered capital amounting to more than 500 million RMB yuan each. The job positions available include CEO, vice president, general manager, deputy general manager, R&D director, technology director and trade manager. Yinyi Group is going to employ 24 middle-level and high-level talents with maximum annual salary of 3 million RMB yuan, and there are 10 positions, including CEO, vice president, general accountant, chief auditor, chief economist, etc, whose annual salary exceeds 1 million yuan.

Ningbo mobile phone library opened

On September 5, the opening ceremony for Ningbo mobile phone library was held at the library of Ningbo University Park. The mobile phone library is the phone version of Ningbo digital library and another project of non-profit digital reading service open to Ningbo citizens.

The website of the mobile phone library is It is learned that the phone library is a kind of application of such new digital technologies as mobile internet, cloud computation and cloud memory on the library. By using their phones, readers can retrieve the paper books in the library anytime, and have free access to the Ningbo digital library with 2.4 million Chinese E-books, 70 million Chinese journal articles, 87 million pieces of news reports, 110 million foreign journal articles, and a host of other resources including dissertations, patents, various criteria and even videos. It is also possible for readers to inquire about the collection information of Ningbo digital library and receive the documents delivery service.

In addition, the mobile phone library program can provide personalized service to readers. It greatly facilitates the readers' use of the library by enabling them to inquire about information, renew books and receive other services through their mobile phones.

2012 Ningbo Week of Talent, Science & Technology to be held

It is learned from the related press conference that the 2012 Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science & Technology will be held from September 21 to 25. During the period, the organizers will launch four main campaigns including talents and intelligence introduction, cooperation in science and technology projects, high-end intelligence tour to Ningbo and docking of talents and capital markets, and the comprehensive agreement-signing ceremony will also be held.

There will be three main activities for talents and intelligence introduction campaign, namely, the high-level talents introduction fairs, the entrepreneurship tour for overseas Chinese talents and China Science and Technology Business Plan Contest. There will be two high-level talents introduction fairs. One is an open fair for the matchmaking of 7000 graduate students to graduate in 2013 from 100 universities or colleges throughout the country and 8000 posts provided by 700 enterprises or institutions in and outside Zhejiang Province. The other one is a closed fair exclusively for over 200 enterprises and well-known talent intermediaries from home and abroad, and 1000 job posts with an annual salary of 150,000 yuan will be provided in the closed fair.

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Taiwan & Ningbo college students enjoy summer camp

The annual "Taiwan & Ningbo College Students Summer Camp" officially kicked off on Monday. Hu Jianyue, Vice Chairman of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, and Zhang Dongmei, chairman of the Taipei Clansmen Society of Ningbo, participated in the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

The exchange program is jointly organized by Ningbo and Taipei. As the longest organized student exchange program across the Strait, the summer camp has been held 18 times since 1993.

The organizers said the summer camp this year has attracted more than 50 college students from 20 colleges and universities in Taiwan.

The camp will last to the end of this month. In the upcoming week, the visiting Taiwan students will tour the Hemudu ruins in Yuyao, the former residence of Wang Yangming(one of the most influential philosophers in the Confucian tradition), Xikou Town(the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek), and Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Besides, they will attend a series of exchange activities with students from local universities like Ningbo University, Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology, and Zhejiang Wanli College.

According to the organizers, more than 100 college students across the straits participated in the opening ceremony.

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