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Foreign Lei Feng in Ningbo

On March 4, a newspaper in Zhejiang Province published a report titled "foreign Lei Feng who support 15 poor children in China ". The story is about a foreign professor who funded 15 needy students within a few years. The professor's good deeds have won him wide respect and admiration.

Days ago, many readers called the newspaper or left messages on their microblogs to express their admiration to Professor Craig Fleming from University of Nottingham in Ningbo, and their willingness to help him in his charity work. Yin Xiaoguo, a high school teacher in Fenghua, was among the first callers. Having been a teacher for 25 years, Mr. Yin is also a charity volunteer who has funded three university students and two pupils.

At 9:00 on the 7th, Mr. Yin had a brief telephone conversation with the personal assistant of Professor Fleming. According to the assistant, Professor Fleming plans to support another 10 needy girls in Ningbo. Mr. Yin has promised to offer help by finding the needy children and emailing the information of these children to Professor Fleming.

The story of Professor Fleming, which has been reprinted by both Ningbo Daily News (Sina microblogging) and the Ningbo Daily network (,), has immediately aroused great concern of among the netizens.

Construction of provincial health emergency demonstration counties to be started

News came from Ningbo Public Health Conference held on February 21 that in 2012 the overall construction of emergency system will be carried out and the construction of provincial health emergency demonstration counties will be started throughout the city.

In June 2011, the on-site promoting meeting for constructing health emergency demonstration counties was held in Cixi County, and afterwards, Haishu District and Zhenhai District launched the construction of health emergency demonstration counties. So far, Jiangdong District, Jiangbei District, Yuyao County, Fenghua County, Ninghai County and Xiangshan County have all applied as the pilot units for the third round of constructing demonstration counties.

In accordance with the overall requirement of Ningbo Government to establish Ningbo Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team, five municipal health emergency squadrons, including prevention and control of infectious diseases, poison control, first aid, medical rescue and psychological crisis intervention, have been founded. Meanwhile, such campaigns as major infectious diseases surveillance, food security risk surveillance and network medial public opinion surveillance have been launched systematically, which makes it possible to publish timely alerts and provide references for scientific decision making by early detection of abnormalities and symptoms of trouble. For year, in May last year, the surveillance system played an important role in the early detection and cause investigation of a communitive diarrhea event caused by mussel shellfish. Statistics show that in 2011, the whole city successfully handled 10 emergent public health events.

In 2012, to improve the health emergency capacity, Ningbo is to make efforts to strengthen the overall basic health emergency system construction. Meanwhile, the emergency professionals including disease prevention and control, health monitoring, medical rescue and psychological crisis intervention will be enriched and trained further. Relied on the public health emergency commanding system, the city will attach great importance to the research and development of the infectious diseases surveillance and alert system based on diagnosis and treatment information from medical institutions, aiming at the early detection and report of emergent events and the improvement of the surveillance and alert capacity

Beilun to offer education support

According to local government, Beilun District plans to carry out a five-year education support program to Yunhe County, a less-developed area in Zhejiang Province. Lasting from 2011 to 2015, the support program works to enhance the quality of education in Yunhe County by providing education funds, teaching staff and school facilities in a bid to improve school conditions and educational level in the region.

According to the plan, Beilun District will spend 2.5 million yuan (500,000 annually) on standardized school construction, school buildings renovation, building of job training bases of vocational schools, and renovation of rural kindergartens. Each year 20 competent teachers will be appointed as trainers for 40 teachers in Yunhe County, and offer their experience in teaching method, course design and planning, and educational research. In addition, Beilun will offer free training for 50 teachers from Yunhe each year and send one or two outstanding teachers to serve as volunteers in Yunhe County.

The supporting program also helps to improve the level of school management in Yunhe County. The teacher-training program will focus on the vocational and technical education and professional development, aiming to promote the level of specialization of workforce training base in Yunhe County

Number of present college students in Ningbo reached 145,000

It is learned from Ningbo College Work Conference held on February 21 that by the end of 2011, there had been 145,000 present college students in Ningbo, up by one third compared with that of 2005.

Since 2006, an annual special fund of 50 million yuan has been invested in building the service-oriented education system in Ningbo. By 2011, the per capital funding for students of higher vocational colleges had reached about 90% of that for undergraduates with the same major, and it will reach the same level within two year. The ratio between undergraduates and junior college students has become 60:40 in 2011 instead of 44:56 in 2005. The present graduate students in Ningbo reached 6282 people. In last year, in the ranking of comprehensive scientific research strength for universities in China issued by 2011 Chinese university appraisal group, Ningbo University ranked No. 99, marking a great breakthrough in the higher education history in Ningbo. Besides, the State Oceanic Administration of China and Ningbo People's Government have signed an agreement to co-build Ningbo University. Ningbo Polytechnic ranks among the first batch of state demonstration vocational colleges. Ningbo University of Technology is listed among the pilot universities for the "excellent engineers plan" by the Ministry of Education. Zhejiang Wanli University is defined as a pilot college for Master's degree graduates by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council. Ningbo Nottingham University signed a four-part agreement with University of Nottingham, Ningbo Education Bureau and Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau to co-build the "International Doctoral Innovative Research Center".

By the end of 2011, there had been 11 state-level characteristic majors and three state demonstration majors for high vocational education. In terms of discipline construction, Ningbo University and Ningbo Nottingham University made the breakthrough of PhD granting.

It is proposed in the College Work Conference that the focus of the higher education development should be put on optimizing the talent cultivating patterns and improving the cultivating quality. Universities and colleges should adjust to the demand of economic and social development, as well as providing service for the transformation of economic development mode and industrial transformation and upgrading. In 2012, the committee of experts on science & technology work for universities and colleges in Ningbo will be set up, the university scientific and technological achievements transformation market and transformation center will be established, and Ningbo Institute of Higher Technology will be founded

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