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Ningbo Cooperating with Sichuan University

The other day, Ningbo signed agreement with Sichuan University on strategic cooperation. 
At the ceremony, the two parties signed agreements on seven projects, involving over 8 million yuan. The projects are: joint training of professionals of management, cooperative project of human recourses, project of the institute in Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, joint establishment of the research center of new polymer materials, cooperation in education of medicine, joint establishment of technology center of packing materials for food and medicine and development of 600DPI digital printer. 

ustralian students experience Chinese culture

On July 2, a dozen teachers and students from the University of Sydney, Australia experienced the Chinese culture of Guzheng, Yue Opera, Taijiquan and calligraphy at the College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University.

First SME Development Promotion Association established on campus

The first SME Development Promotion Association on college campus was established in the Science & Technology Institute of Ningbo University on June 19, with over 30 SMEs as the first batch of members. Through such forms as college-enterprise cooperation, order-form orientation and practice base construction, the association will build the cooperation platform for enterprises and college students, and provide a series of help for the entrepreneurship and employment of college graduates.

Ningbo to strengthen support to private schools

According to Ningbo Education Commission, Ningbo recently released "Measures on Promoting and Regulating Private Primary and Middle School". This policy stipulates that the government will raise the financial support to the private-funded schools and that the teachers in private schools should enjoy the same social insurances as the teachers in public schools. From this fall on, private primary and middle schools should have one third of the average financial input given to public schools.

The Measures stipulates that teachers in private schools should have the same rights as those in public schools in professional qualification approval, professional training, professional title acquisition, and identification of service years.

The educational department should include the teachers in private school in the teachers training program for the public school teachers.

In addition, the city should do a good job in the medical insurance for teachers and gradually establish a system so that the teachers in private schools should enjoy the same social insurances as the teachers in public schools.

At present, Ningbo has 116 private primary and middle schools, including 23 high schools, 8 vocational high schools, 29 middle schools, and 56 primary schools. These schools have 129,000 students.

56,000 students take senior high school entrance examination on the 14th

On June 14th, 56,000 students in Ningbo will take the senior high school entrance examination which last for two days. The municipal enrollment office for this examination calls for honesty in taking the exam. Students arrive 15 minutes late will not be allowed to take it. As for English subject, students can’t enter the exam room once the bell rings.
According to statistics, there are around 56,000 junior high school graduates will take in the exam, which is about 3000 less compared to last year. The number of Students from Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei and Ningbo National Emerging District reaches 8000, 300 less than the year before. Students who follow their parents occupy 1,000.
   The exam last for two days with five subjects altogether. On the 14th, Chinese, social politics and English will be taken and math and science on the 15th.
   It is known that there are 13 spots for it in downtown area and students can go and get familiar with the examination spots this afternoon.

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