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Ningbo ranks No.2 in Zhejiang for science and technology strength

According to a recent news conference of Ningbo Municipal Government, in the past 10 years, Ningbo has ranked No.2 in Zhejiang for science and technology strength. The investment in R&D has increased from 0.50% in 2002 to 1.89% in 2011, a rise of 1.39 points. The number of patents granted has increased from 2,780 in 2002 to 37,342 in 2011, increased by 33.46% annually.

"The overall science and technology of Ningbo has witnessed a leap forward development and this has laid down a good foundation for the new round of innovative development of the city," said Yang Zhengping, director and spokesman of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology. The hi-tech industries of Ningbo developed rapidly in the 10 years. In 2011 the output of the hi-tech industries reaches 307.69 billion yuan, accounting for 25.9% of the total industrial output of Ningbo. Ningbo has 14 industrial bases of the national Torch Project, the national "863" Project and other high-tech industrial bases.

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15-min cultural circle basically formed in Ningbo

In at the door of Ningbo Library, there is a glass case of various books. at one side of the case is a panel. Just insert your ID card, touch the screen, and you get the book you want. This is an ATM of books.

The ATM library is just one example of many cultural services that Ningbo is offering to the citizens. In recent 10 years, Ningbo is extending its public cultural facilities to the countryside. All counties, cities and districts have cultural centers or libraries, all towns and communities have comprehensive cultural stations and 95% of villages have cultural facilities. In addition, Ningbo has established a public service system that consists of the "Reading Everyday Program", the "Showing Everyday Program" and the "Entertaining Everyday Program". At present the city has 6 national-level advanced cultural districts and counties. A 15-min cultural circle is basically formed in Ningbo, in which a citizen can enjoy cultural services within a 15-min walk.

10 years ago, Ningbo started the program "10,000 movies shows for villagers. Every year, over 60 mobile cinema teams and over 30 professional performance troupes work in the countryside. Ningbo is one of the first of the cities that fulfilled the target "one film for a village in one mouth" and "one play for a village in one year. In the 10 years, Ningbo has entertained villagers with over 200,000 films and over 20,000 plays

Four Post-Doctoral Research Stations Set up in Ningbo

News came from Ningbo University on September 24 that four post-doctoral research Stations had been added in Ningbo. This information was jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee. The four postdoctoral stations were the polymer chemistry station of CAS Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology& Engineering and the postdoctoral stations of mechanics, information and communication engineering and aquatic science at Ningbo University respectively. It was learned that Ningbo University, having its post-doctoral research stations for the first time, has begun to develop post-doctoral management policy and postdoctoral researchers recruitment plan to attract domestic and foreign talents.

Ningbo mold talent market set up in Ninghai

Ningbo mold talent market, the city’s first market of the kind, was officially set up in Ninghai on the morning of September 24. The market plans to become the highland of mould talents and a distribution center of moulds the East China in five years. The mold talent market was built based on the former Ninghai talent market. “In coming five years we plan to turn it into a prestigious talent highland, a distribution center, and an information center of the mould industry of China and the East China in particular”, said an official of Ninghai County. The authorities say the mold talent market will try to break regional boundaries and set up some branches in the whole province with Ningbo as its base. It will also provide professional mold channels for mold talents to understand the market and release relevant information and policies about industry. 
Ninghai is known as “the China mold production base” and “China mold industrial base”. Now, the county is home to more than 500 mold manufacturers, with more than 50,000 employees. Last year, the industry generated output value of 4.7 billion yuan.

Prize giving ceremony for Technology Business Plan Competition held

The prize giving ceremony for the Technology Business Plan Competition was held in Ningbo Innovation Port on the afternoon of Sept. 22. A total number of 105 awards worth of 7.9 mln yuan were unveiled on the ceremony. The more exciting news was that 23 business plans on the competition had successfully raised fund of 340 mln yuan.
The competition was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ningbo Municipal Government. Since its launch in March and especially since the special report of building Ningbo into an angelic city written on June, 14, the authority had endeavored to encourage more private capitals to invest in Ningbo and more talents to start businesses here. In answer to the government’s appeal, many departments and offices such as the Municipal Personnel Office and Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau went to Beijing and Shanghai and held advertising activities there. What’s more, they also sent invitations to over 200 overseas students’ organizations via Overseas Students Association and Chinese Professional Association and other agents. At the beginning of this month, Wang Huizhong, the Party Secretary led a team to Silicon Valley and New York and held talks with overseas talents, appealing them to start businesses in Ningbo.
In the meantime, the competition made changes on the reward mechanism, setting up a special award to overseas talents who start businesses in Ningbo. Among which two are awards for overseas elites, each with a sum of one mln yuan. And the winners of these two awards were announced on the spot, being the program leaded by Dr. Dai Junhui and the program of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology respectively.
Zhai Lixin, Deputy Director of the Department of Policy, Regulations and Reform of the Ministry of Science and Technology made his congratulation on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology and expressed his sincere hope that Ningbo could be built into an angelic city, an innovative city as well as an entrepreneurial city. 

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