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"3315 Talent Program" Kicks off

Ningbo recently mapped out a 3315 Talent Program, which aims to introduce brains from abroad. This year, they plan to select 60 people to introduce. The application period is due on August 15.

According to the Program, the city will introduce a number of high-ranking talents from abroad. It plans to enlist 30 of them into the state Qianren (1000 People) Program, 300 in the provincial introduction program and 1000 in the city introduction program. In addition, it plans to introduce 5000 people engaged in innovation and business startup.

It plans to introduce personnel of new materials, new energies, new equipment, new-generation IT, marine technology, etc., as well as leading scholars of key innovation projects, major disciplines, and key laboratories. The application must be proceeded according to two categories: innovation and business startup.

Those successful candidates can get a lump-sum of one million yuan as award in addition to the corresponding working conditions and benefits. For those members of an excellent innovation or startup team, each member can get an award of 200,000 yuan.

Applicants can log on the Oriental Party Development Net or the Ningbo 3315 Overseas Talent Net to fill in forms. The deadline is set to be August 15.

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