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Week of Talent, Science and Technology concluded successfully

The five-day Week of Talent, Science and Technology drew to a successful close on September 20. With its theme of "Talents guarantee the six-quickening strategy and guide the scientific development", the Week conducted 9 programs including the high-level talents fair, overseas talents business trip, high-level sci-tech fair, educational summit, design exhibition, sci-tech entrepreneurship contest, high-level talent forum and week of talent sci-tech promotion. Over 4000 enterprises and institutions attended the event with more than 40000 people present.

According to the preliminary statistics, this year's Week of Talent, Science and Technology is quite fruitful. Over 13000 talents reach the intention for introduction, and the cooperative intention for 83 sci-tech projects (at an investment of 137.3 million) are reached, with 23 projects actually signed (at an investment of 50.2 million). Four high-end innovation and entrepreneurship teams intend to settle down in Ningbo. Ningbo Haibang Talent Fund is established. The University of Nottingham UK, signs the four-party contract with the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Ningbo Education Bureau and Ningbo Bureau of Science and Technology, for establishing International Doctoral Innovation Centre. A contract is also signed with Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang, Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe and Chinese Professionals Association of Canada, for setting up Overseas Centre for Ningbo Talent Work. 6 directors (of Ningbo origin) of overseas Chinese organizations are invited to serve as "Talent Ambassadors" for Ningbo. 16 workstations for academicians will be set up. 10 distinctive overseas studying talents and 10 distinctive overseas engineers receive awards for their good job.

There are altogether 17 academicians who attended the Week, among them is Professor Alvin Nienow, dean of the Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Birmingham and academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The figures above not only manifest the ever-increasing attraction of Ningbo to talents, but also demonstrate the improvement in Ningbo's strength of science and technology.

University Starts

On September 7, a Sichuan migrant worker in Yinzhou District accompanied his son to Ningbo University for enrollment.

Ningbo Community College Education Centre for the Aged Opened

Ningbo community college education centre for the aged opened on September 5, with more than 1700 senior citizens enrolled as the first of its students.

As is known, the education resources for colleges for the aged people used to be quite inadequate. Fortunately, with the opening of the Community College Education Centre, things will change greatly.

With the development of idea of lifelong education, an increasing number of senior people devote themselves into all kinds of learning activities. In order to satisfy the requirements, Ningbo is building a new education network for the people advanced in age in all administrative levels. One or two municipal colleges for the old will be established, and at least two independent colleges or learning centers will be opened in each district or county. The development of education resources for the people senior in age will be accelerated, and some educational websites will be built. All these projects are to provide good services for those senior learners as much as possible. The opening of the Community College Education Centre for the old is part of this endeavor.

It is reported that the education centre planned to enroll 1500 students and open 48 classes providing 9 courses such as computer, music and dance, and health and care, etc. Finally, over 1700 senior students were accepted, far more than what was planned. Compared with Ningbo University for the Aged, the requirements for the entrance acceptance of Ningbo Community College Education Centre are not as strict. Any healthy senior citizen of Ningbo is eligible to enroll for the course on presentation of the ID card. Among the first batch of students, quite a lot are just new citizens of Ningbo.

In the past, the colleges for the old were all managed by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Retired Veteran Cadres. But with the participation of educational institutes, there will be new changes in the educational system for the aged people.

Famous teacher's demonstration

On the afternoon of Sept. 1, a teacher of science from Zhen’an Primary School, a famous teacher of Ningbo, came to a primary school for children of migrant workers in Jiangdong district and gave a demonstrative class in science. The activity was organized by the district education bureau and meant to help teachers of the school to raise the standard of their classes.

Ningbo campus of Nottingham University

The new semester brings a lot of newcomers with unusual talent to the Ningbo campus of Nottingham University

The past Saturday and Sunday was the time for newcomers to register at the Ningbo campus of Nottingham University and over 1,600 newcomers from 37 countries and regions of the world began their new life on university campus.

Medium sized and in plain sportswear, Xu Jiayuan is not only one of the five full fellowship winners but also a level 2 go player of the state. In the national entrance examination to higher education, he scored 800 points, 200 points higher than the required score for admission to key universities.

Xu has long had a keen interest in Nottingham University. It is learned that many other universities, such as Wuhan University, Zhongshan University, Xiamen University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc, have offered to admit him, but he finally chose to study engineering mechanics at Nottingham University for the internationalized education and all-English lectures as well as to give himself greater challenge to higher altitude. Xue also came to Nottingham harboring another wish, to organize a go team to win championships in Ningbo.

Li Wehao, a newcomer to the faculty of international communications, had an amusing episode. 1.98 meters high, he did not notice the university's information in the admission notice that students of unusual height should inform the school of their need for special beds, and came to school only to find the beds were not long enough for him. The school had to arrange for a specially lengthened bed to be made for him.

Li, from the Inner Mongolia, used to be the center forward on the basketball team of Number Nine Middle School of Baotou and received professional training in basketball in the Inner Mongolian Sports Team. He also had the opportunity to become a professional basketball player on the Hongyuan Team of Guangzhou, but in the end he chose to take the entrance examination to higher education. Coming to the university, Li still wishes to pick up his basketball as he has heard that many international students are very good at basketball. "I wish to learn English well so that I can go abroad sometime to broaden my view," he is full of confidence as regarding his prospect.

Not only Xu and Li have unusual talent, the smart guy Andrey from Russia is also excited. He told the journalist that he had come with his parents to tour many places of China, such as Beijing, Harbin, Qingdao, and Ningbo, etc., and had been fascinated by the Chinese culture. Once he got to know that, at such a university as Nottingham, he could learn both finance and Chinese at the same time, he immediately made the decision to come. "I like music very much and was a drummer at high school. I also play the guitar and sing." Andrey wishes to found his own band and have concerts with music fans.

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