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Forty-nine popular science education bases open to the public

Have you imagined sitting in the 4D cinema to enjoy the new science and technology, feeling the 8-level fresh gale in the wind experience house, or observe the thunder and lightning closely in the thunder and lightning pass? This will come true with the opening of the Meteorological Science and Technology Museum.

The museum is a specialized science and technology museum, one of the 49 popular science education bases officially approved at the end of August. Li Yaping, Director of Yinzhou Meteorological Bureau, said that the museum, located in the office building of the Meteorological Bureau, has an area of 520 square meters. The museum is now in the stage of trial operation.

According to a related official of Ningbo Association of Science and Technology, among the 49 popular science education bases that are open to the public (Yinzhou Meteorological Science and Technology Museum being one of them), 22 bases are open for free. It is advisable for citizens, especially visiting groups, to make a reservation before hand before visiting those bases. The phone number for reservation can be found in the website for the Association of Science and Technology.

Ningbo launched the program of training leading and top-notch talents

The scheme for the program of training leading and top-notch talents in Ningbo has been released recently. Based on the 4321 Talent Project, this new program aims to break the bottleneck of high-end talents shortage in Ningbo with higher goals and more powerful moves. Among the unprecedented and incomparable measures of this program is that if an academician is invited as the supervisor, he or she will be awarded 200,000 yuan as the training fund

The shortage of high-end talents, especially the leading and top-notch talents is a critical problem in Ningbo, which falls out of line with the demand of the "six quickening" strategy and lags behind some other cities like Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou. The simple introduction of talents cannot satisfy the demand. It is high time for Ningbo to go further in its training of leading and top-notch talents to support and lead the transformation of economic society.

According to the scheme, during the decade between 2011 and 2020, Ningbo is to cultivate and bring up a group of leading talents composed of those who can rank among the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, those who can make prominent contribution to our country, and those who can become Zhejiang provincial special-grade experts or young and middle-aged experts with prominent contributions, and Ningbo municipal outstanding talents. The training of a group of academic and technological foregoers with high academic and technological attainments and strong innovative abilities, who can play an important leading role in the economic development, is also the target of this program.

The training program is to be carried out in five-year cycles, with the aim of selecting and cultivating 1400 distinctive young and middle-aged talents in three levels for each cycle. Among them, 100 talents are in the first level, 300 in the second level and 1000 in the third level.

10th anniversary of Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University

September 24 was the 10th birthday of Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, a great event for its graduates and guests who came in celebration of the birthday.

In the past 10 years, Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University has established an educational system that consists of undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, adult educational and continuous educational programs. At present, the Institute has 8 colleges, offering some 35 bachelor programs. It has over 11,000 full-time BA program students. In the past 7 years, it has brought up over 17,000 graduates, whose time employment rate is as high as 95% on average.

Ningbo to cooperate with Nottingham University

On September 27, on behalf of Ningbo Municipal Government, Yu Hongyi, Member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Ningbo, signed a memo of scientific and technological cooperation with Nottingham University. According to the memo, the two parties should establish a coordinating group of scientific and technological cooperation for the promotion of innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological results.

According to the memo, From 2011 to 2015, Nottingham University shall establish a technological transfer institution in Ningbo, which should be committed to recommend and transfer promising scientific and technological projects to enterprises in Ningbo.

In addition, according to the agreement signed before, Ningbo Municipal Government and Nottingham University should speed up the establishment of the "International Creativity Center of Doctors" and the United NMR Laboratory. The International Creativity Center of Doctors shall be jointly invested by Ningbo Education Commission, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Ningbo Nottingham University and UK Nottingham University, which should invest 170 million yuan in the coming 6 years. The center aims to bring up 100 creativity-oriented talents with international perspectives.

According an authority of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the memo says that the two parties should establish a coordinating group of scientific and technological cooperation as a coordinator of routine affairs and decision making. In the near future, the two parties should work together in such fields as digital economy, marine technology, energy technology, manufacturing and environment technology.

Week of Talent, Science and Technology concluded successfully

The five-day Week of Talent, Science and Technology drew to a successful close on September 20. With its theme of "Talents guarantee the six-quickening strategy and guide the scientific development", the Week conducted 9 programs including the high-level talents fair, overseas talents business trip, high-level sci-tech fair, educational summit, design exhibition, sci-tech entrepreneurship contest, high-level talent forum and week of talent sci-tech promotion. Over 4000 enterprises and institutions attended the event with more than 40000 people present.

According to the preliminary statistics, this year's Week of Talent, Science and Technology is quite fruitful. Over 13000 talents reach the intention for introduction, and the cooperative intention for 83 sci-tech projects (at an investment of 137.3 million) are reached, with 23 projects actually signed (at an investment of 50.2 million). Four high-end innovation and entrepreneurship teams intend to settle down in Ningbo. Ningbo Haibang Talent Fund is established. The University of Nottingham UK, signs the four-party contract with the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Ningbo Education Bureau and Ningbo Bureau of Science and Technology, for establishing International Doctoral Innovation Centre. A contract is also signed with Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang, Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe and Chinese Professionals Association of Canada, for setting up Overseas Centre for Ningbo Talent Work. 6 directors (of Ningbo origin) of overseas Chinese organizations are invited to serve as "Talent Ambassadors" for Ningbo. 16 workstations for academicians will be set up. 10 distinctive overseas studying talents and 10 distinctive overseas engineers receive awards for their good job.

There are altogether 17 academicians who attended the Week, among them is Professor Alvin Nienow, dean of the Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Birmingham and academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The figures above not only manifest the ever-increasing attraction of Ningbo to talents, but also demonstrate the improvement in Ningbo's strength of science and technology.

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