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3rd Ningbo Contests of Science and Technology opened

On the morning of November 5, the 3rd Ningbo Contests of Science and Technology opened in Ningbo No.7 High School. Over 700 contestants from 24 elementary school and 15 middle schools participated in the 10 contesting items. The contest ended on November 6.

The contest was hosted by Ningbo Administration of Sports, Ningbo Education Commission, Yinzhou Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, Ningbo Association of Sciences, Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Youth League, and Ningbo Women's Federation. It is undertaken by Jiangdong District Education and Sports Bureau, Ningbo Model and Wireless Association, Ningbo No.7 High School and XIAMEN 3-CIRCLES BATTERY CO., LTD. The contesting events range from aviation, space shipping, navigation, car model, to wireless products making

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