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First Group of College Grads Startup Parks Designated

Five College Grads Startup Parks including Yinzhou College Grads Startup Park were designated as Ningbo’s first group of parks in which college students set up ventures after going through the evaluation by the municipal authorities. And it was also agreed to hold the awarding ceremony at the work conference on human resources and social security held on Jan. 12.  
As a platform providing entrepreneur services to college graduates, municipal College Grads Startup Parks are meant to guide more students to start businesses successfully. It is learned that the five parks started up by 320 students provide over 1100 job opportunities.
And also, the first group of entrepreneurship training bases were designated to improve college students’ ability to initiate businesses. The bases are Zhejiang Wanli University, Ninghai Advanced Vocational-Technical College and Ningbo Polytechnic, all of which got the name plates at the work conference on human resources and social security.

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