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Job fairs for college graduates scheduled

It was learned from the Ningbo talent market there will be an Employment Service Month for 2012 college graduates with the theme of “fly your dreams”from November 20 to December 25.
On November 20,a job fair will be held at Ningbo Human Resource Building to open the Month and a fair on December 25 to close the Month, and concurrently a special fair for vocational school graduates will be held. Almost 200 enterprises will attend the two fairs.
During the month, special recruitment fairs will be held for 2012 graduates in Southern and Northern Higher Education Parks respectively. The first will be held in Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University on November 26 and the second at Ningbo University, there will be about 300 enterprises to attend the two fairs.
Besides comprehensive recruitment fairs, there are special featured fairs for college graduates. The first will be held at Zhejiang Wanli University on December 10 and the second at Ningbo University of Technology on December 17

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