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Striding towards the commanding height of development in science

Introducing the international giant corporation IBM, setting up the platform for core technology of smart logistics, with the help of which to establish the network for logistics, are just two examples among the big moves made by the newly-established Ningbo International Smart Logistics Park.

Huawei Smart Health Research Institute was officially unveiled. The cooperative talk on the project of Shuguang Cloud Computing Center was successfully completed. Bitian Cloud Computing Center was officially registered. Still under construction, Ningbo Industrial Base of Smart City Software Research and Development has already seen the achievements of the above-mentioned projects.

Complete node trace code information and successful docking of municipal platforms both indicate the success of the trial operation of the 100 nodes of newly-built Ningbo Meat and Vegetable Safety Trace System.

In a word, whether in Ningbo International Smart Logistics Park, or in Ningbo Industrial Base of Smart City Software Research and Development, or in the construction site of Ningbo Meat and Vegetable Safety Trace System, one can always feel the atmosphere of the smart city construction and witness the countless accomplishments.

In this era of informationalization, Ningbo took the lead in taking into consideration the smart city construction in its development strategy. It is even included as one of the strategic deployment of the "six quickening" strategy of the 12th Five-year Plan.

Afterwards, Ningbo sped its pace in drawing up the platform for action in quickening the smart city construction (2011 – 2015), aiming to build a "smarter Ningbo". The objectives are to invest 4.07 billion yuan in the construction of 31 programs (including 87 projects), to keep Ningbo's lead in the level of informationization, and to make distinctive accomplishments in constructing smart application system, smart industrial base, smart infrastructure and residents' ability in information application.

As is known, to build the smart city, infrastructure construction is a top priority. Early in April this year, "Star-and-cloud Plan & the Federation of Cloud Computing Industry" was co-established by China Telecom and Ningbo Municipal Government. In cooperation with such cloud computing giants as Huawei, ZTE and Datang Telecom, Ningbo Telecom endeavors to build the 100 million-level cloud computing industry chain.

Hangzhou Bay smart equipments and products developing and manufacturing base and high-tech park software research and development industry base both make great achievements. IBM's fourth research and developing base landed in Ningbo, the other three being in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. Huawei smart health pilot site kicked off. A batch of strategic emerging industries, such as India's Tata Corporation, SOSINO headquarter and Shuguang cloud computing center, all found their way in Ningbo.

As for ordinary citizens, "smart city" is already part of their life. A mobile phone makes it possible for senior citizens to deal with emergencies without stepping out of their homes. "Smart public traffic system" makes it possible for passengers to be informed of the journey of buses. Among the 87 smart city construction programs, over one third is livelihood related.

In the first Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo held in September 2011, Ningbo became the biggest winner. Ningbo is selected as the comprehensive pilot zone for smart city construction by Zhejiang Provincial Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Standardization Administration of China. The "think tank" composed of 12 experts will guide Ningbo in its future construction. 16 smart city cooperative programs with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan are introduced into Ningbo.

"Quite a number of cities in China are engaged in smart city construction, but in terms of the completeness of the organizing system and planning measures and the number of technical solutions, there is no denying that Ningbo takes the lead." commented informationization expert Pan Yunhe.

With its global vision, international standard and native foothold, Ningbo is aiming at opening a wider "road of wisdom" and making a strong and committed stride towards the commanding height of a new round of development

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