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Ningbo college students win robot competition in U.S.

The 19th Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest was held at Trinity College, Connecticut, in the United States over the last weekend. A Chinese team from Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT) achieved outstanding results. One contestant named Lin Haojie received the third prize in the Olympic Knowledge Competition, which was one division of the contest.

A total of 164 teams representing countries including the United States, Indonesia, Canada etc. participated in the contest. The contest offered prizes in several divisions which were further divided into junior grads, high school, senior and walking (any age). A total of 48 teams, including a team from Pennsylvania State University, participated the senior and walking division. The contest included a poster competition, an Olympic knowledge competition, and fire fighting competition. For non-English contestants, the Olympic knowledge competition is not only a test of the robotics, but also a test of English comprehension, which is even more difficult.

The NBUT team is composed of teachers and students from the college of Mechanical Engineering. As the only Chinese team, the team won first prize in last year's contest. Lin Haojie got the fifth place in fire fighting competition, and Du Kefang and Dong Chunlei got the sixth.

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