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13 Tutors Engaged in Cultural and Creative Enterprises

The Creative Culture Festival held by the National College Science and Technology Park of Ningbo closed on June 29th. Seven tutors from Ningbo University and other universities worked together with cultural and creative enterprises. Up until now, a total number of 13 tutors have cooperated with these enterprises to help them upgrade and transform. 
The Park, a national entrepreneurial and creative platform, this year put more efforts in introducing cultural and creative enterprises. A base of cultural and creative industry has begun to take shape. The production, teaching and research center of College of Science & Technology Ningbo University and the Innovative Center of Ningbo Institute of materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences also joined in the Park. 
The Creative Culture Festival was to promote the sound and fast development of cultural and creative enterprises. This year, college students presented more than 1,000 pieces of cultural and creative works. In the closing ceremony, Ningbo officially became the center of national oceanic science and technology. The park also signed contracts with websites and cultural spreading corporations.

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