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Faculty training class for KAB project opened in Ningbo

On the morning of April 17, a teachers' training class for the KAB project opened in Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University. The class has 35 students from institutions of higher learning in Ningbo and people from the College Graduates Business Park of Ningbo.

The training class aims to train a team of qualified people who are capable of guiding and supporting more college graduates to establish their businesses. In the five-day class, the trainees will receive systematic trainings in theory and practice. Those who pass the examinations will get the certificate of completion of courses authorized by All-China Youth Federation and International Labor Organization. Those who are engaged in business training for 36 hours will be awarded the certificate for the lecturer of the KAB project.

It is reported that Ningbo will strengthen the construction of the College Graduates Business Park and provide college students more opportunities for practice in business establishment. It will encourage colleges and business parks to play a greater role in the education and guidance of the college graduates in business establishment. It will involve authorities of institutions of human resources and entrepreneurs of middle and small enterprises in giving guidance and support to college graduates in their business establishment.

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