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Job market hot for Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College graduates

A job fair for the 2014 graduates was held last Friday in Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College. According to the organizing committee, college graduates in Ningbo are facing better employment prospects this year. Four in ten graduates in Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College had signed employment agreements before the job fair was held.

The job fair held last Friday attracted more than 300 companies, which provides 4,800 jobs, including 40 percent textiles and clothing jobs, 15 percent electronic machinery jobs and 20 percent marketing jobs.

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Docking between experts and enterprises

Over 100 experts, who came to Ningbo to participate in the 2013 annual meeting for the Engineering & Materials Committee of the "1000 People Plan" expert club as well as the Ningbo Forum of Cutting-edge Technology and Future Trends in New Materials Industry, attended the docking meeting for technical advice and project cooperation with representatives from 120 enterprises and industrial parks.

It is understood that the experts consist of both high-tech talents who have started their own businesses in China and researchers from universities, colleges and other research institutions. To familiarize them with the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in Ningbo, an official from Ningbo Talents Affairs Office briefed the experts with the talent and policy environment in Ningbo, before the opening of the docking meeting.

Ningbo, Zhejiang University sign a cooperative agreement

Ningbo Municipal government signed a strategic medical cooperative agreement with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou on Monday, stepping on a new stage in city-university cooperation. Jin Deshui, Party secretary of Zhejiang University, and Lu Ziyue, deputy Party Secretary of Ningbo, attended the inauguration ceremony of Ningbo Hospital of Zhejiang University.

The Partnership between Ningbo and Zhejiang University dates from over 10 years ago and both sides have achieved fruitful results through cooperation in the field of education, training, R&D of science and technology and application. The current project focuses on medical cooperation between the No.1 Hospital of Ningbo and School of Medicine in Zhejiang University. In recent years, School of Medicine of Zhejiang University has been working with relevant health departments in Ningbo in clinical, research, teaching, prevention, etc. and has supplied a large number of medical personnel to Ningbo. The two sides also signed a memorandum of cooperation and 12 cooperation agreements on 12 matching subjects this Monday.

Under the agreement, the No.1 Hospital of Ningbo is officially named as "Ningbo hospital of Zhejiang University". The move also enables the No.1 Hospital of Ningbo to establish links with other hospitals afflicted to Zhejiang University. To support the construction of key disciplines and promote personnel training, clinical management and development as well as the introduction and promotion of new medical technologies in Ningbo, Zhejiang University will establish an academicians (experts) workstation in the No.1 Hospital of Ningbo. The two sides also plan to carry out all-round cooperation on talent training, new technologies and new projects, research platform and a series of interdisciplinary research cooperation projects. The effort aims to substantially improve the medical service as well as medical teaching and research of Ningbo and enable local citizens to enjoy better medical service.

UNNC awards first PhDs

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), the overseas campus of the University of Nottingham, awarded its first PhD degrees to two students last Saturday, who had successfully completed their doctoral studies. They are also the first PhD graduates from overseas campus of foreign universities in China.

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Tech talents talk to local businesses in summit forum

The New Material Development Summit Forum was held in Ningbo last Friday. Over 100 PhDs majoring in new material from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China University of Technology, Hefei Industrial University and other colleges and universities participated in the forum and held talks with over 60 local business owners.

The new material industry, together with electronics & IT and bio-engineering, is known as one of the three major high-tech industries in the world. with the advantage in the development and innovation of new materials technology, Ningbo achieved an annual revenue of nearly 100 billion yuan (16.41 billion US dollars) last year in the new material industry, leading the other six national high-tech industry bases in China. To boost the development of the local new material industry, Ningbo invited top universities in the field of materials science to attend the forum. In the mean time, Ningbo listed 60 top local businesses with strong R & D and innovation capability and sent their job demands to the universities. The move aims to offer a platform to match the technologists with local companies for further cooperation.

To promote further understandings and cooperation, the organizers also arranged a visit to local new material companies and institutes for the participants.

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