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College interns in Ninghai enterprises get paid

Colleges and enterprises met in Ninghai on September 3rd to sign the Agreement on Establishing Internship Base. The Agreement, promoted by Ninghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, will ensure college students will be paid during their internship.

"Interns will be treated the same way as the official workers", Chen Chun, President's assistant from Jianxin Zhao's Group Corp said when he recruited interns.

A training system has been set up in the Corporation for intern students who will get one-one technological guidance before they finish relevant tasks and participate in regular check.

"Although companies do not have a labor relation with intern workers and do not have to offer them salary, they still need to ensure the interns' interests", Luo Changjie, a manager from the Bureau said.

When students from14 Ningbo colleges have an internship in the 31 intern bases, enterprises are expected to sign internship agreements with them in which posts and payment are specified.

Smart designs lead to creative lives

A series of design works were unveiled on the 2013 Hangzhou Industrial Design Fair held on August 31. Many works have aroused people's interests.
Exhibitors from Ningbo include Yonggang Industrial Creative Design Center, Ningbo Dedalo Industrial Design Co. Ltd, COOR Co., Ltd and so on.
There is a design work named mobile walking stick for the elder. It is black and in front of which is installed with a blue storage device similar to a suitcase. "It is for the disabled elders. With the help of this stick, they can go to the mall or have a rest by just sitting on it." introduced by the manager of the Ningbo O.Cube Products Design Co. Ltd. And the work is now very popular in such European countries as Holland.
Another creative design is an intelligent temperature control cup, which interested many young people. The design took its origin from the foam maker, yet the two's difference lies in that the former allows its users to control the temperature. The sizes of the cup are similar to Starbuck's tall and grande sizes. 
Another design that interested people is called transporting robot, a new kind of car. "The car is now using in the maintenance of airports and golf courses, and we are preparing to introduce it to other areas." said the manager of COOR Co., Ltd. The car is under production in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.
It is learned that wearable design and intelligent design will become the trend for the future. Many exhibitors showed that the fair provided a good opportunity for communication and mutual-learning, benefiting the upgrading of the whole industry and lifting the "going global" pace of Ningbo's industrial design as well.  

Yinzhou to become one of the first education modernization districts in Zhejiang

This year, Yinzhou District will be build as one of the first education modernization district in Zhejiang Province, which is learned from the Yinzhou Education Administration Meeting held on August 19. 
In the central district, the focus is “expanding and optimizing”. The moving and reconstruction of the 2nd Primary School of Shounan Street and Depei Primary School of Panhuo Street will be accelerated, and the planning of Sunma School, Panhuo Secondary School and New Xiaying Central Primary School will be implemented. In towns and villages, the key words are “adjusting and improving”. According to the special planning for the layout of rural compulsory education, construction, expansion, and relocation of schools will be carried out to integrate the educational resources, and constantly improve the infrastructure.
In terms of education informationization, the district will promote the improvement of the education MAN and accelerate the construction of digital campus. Great efforts will be made to develop multimedia resources for teaching, build joint platforms, open “online schools”, carry out online interactive teaching between teachers and students and enhance the classroom teaching performance. With regard to the development of educational content, refreshing schools, teaching science groups and teaching research groups will play a vital role. The preschool education will develop from the stage of school reconstruction to that of team building and feature fostering; basic education will develop from grade-centered to students-centered and innovation-oriented; and vocational education will develop from focusing on hardware construction to focusing on feature and branding.

Ningbo Science Talent Fair to open in middle September

According to the news conference about Ningbo Science Talent Fair, Zhejiang Ningbo Science Talent Fair is open from September 13 to 17. 
In the past seven years, the annual Ningbo Science Talent Fair has made noticeable achievements. Through the fair, Ningbo has introduced over 5,000 high-level talents, over 60 academicians, over 70 international experts. Through the business plan competition held during the fair, over 600 plans have been implemented, 300 projects settled in Ningbo, and 15 of the 20 prize winning business projects by overseas scholars settled in Ningbo. With the fair, Ningbo has opened 54 work stations of academicians, 15 national-level, provincial-level and municipal-level business parks for returned overseas students, 63 post doctorial workstations, and 5 bases for the introduction of overseas talents. Through the fair, Ningbo has jointly established 40 high-level technological R&D institutions, resulted in the agreement of over 600 science intent cooperation projects, and official agreement of 200 projects. The turnover of the projects values over 3 billion yuan. 

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First Forest Forum Opened in Ningbo

The first Ningbo Forest Forum recently closed. The forest forum is a key academic activity in 2013 hosted by Ningbo Association of Science and Technology, and it consists of a summit forum and an activity of academic exchanges. The forest forum will open once every two years. 
At the forum, Yin Weilun, famous biologist, silviculturalist and academician of China Academy of Engineering, made a monograph report entitled “Forest Development in the World and Reform of Management Concept of Sustainable Development of Forest in China”. Academician Yin discussed with the attendants to the forum on such topics as silviculture, and forest management and so on.
At the forum, over 80 scientific and technical personnel in forestry and horticulture presented and discussed papers of forest ecology, forest economy, breeding of new varieties and so on. 

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