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Countdown for the 1st CFOEI

According to the Organizing Committee's office, as the only major trade exhibition in marine economy with the theme of investment and cooperation, the 1st China Fair for Ocean Economic Investment (CFOEI) will be held in Ningbo from November 10 to 12. At present, all preparation work is under way.


Co-sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial government and the State Oceanic Administration and organized by Ningbo municipal government, the provincial Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments, the fair features high standards, wide ranges and creative forms, aiming to attract both investments and talents. The subordinate departments, enterprises and academies of the State Oceanic Administration will demonstrate the development in marine economy. Provinces of Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shandong plan to co-organize a pilot provincial section. The fair will be participated by delegations from 11 cities in Zhejiang Province.


An official of the organizing committee said that together with seabed mineral specimens, the 2U1 model of China’s manned submersible “Jiaolong” will be displayed at the fair.  Heroes operate the manned submersible will also be present to share images of the deep sea and their feelings. In addition, the fair will present the layout of China’s first batch of uninhabited islands development. The 2012 Yeosu Expo in Korea will then be introduce as well.

Annual Report of Foreign-funded Enterprises of Ningbo released

Recently, the Annual Report of Foreign-funded Enterprises of Ningbo 2010 was released. The report shows that in Ningbo, every 100 million US dollars of foreign capital contributes to the annual tax income of 1 million US dollars, 3,427 jobs, value of import and export of 145 million US dollars, and a profit of 157 million yuan.

As one of the first coastal cities opening to the outside world, Ningbo always persists on introducing foreign investment. According to Ningbo Municipal Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau, by the end of 2010, the totals of investment, registered capital and paid-in capital of foreign-funded enterprises registered in Ningbo respectively increased by 4.20 billion, 3.04 billion and 2.53 billion US dollars. In 2010, the number of foreign-funded enterprises registered in Ningbo reaches 5,772, with the investment totaling 44.211 billion US dollars, registered capital 25.56 billion US dollars, and paid-in capital 23.81 billion US dollars.

The rising number of foreign-funded enterprises leads to increasing contribution to the economy of Ningbo. Reportedly, in 2010, the sales output of foreign-funded enterprises reaches 518.2 billion yuan, increased by 34 over the same period of last year; the profit totals 37.3 billion yuan, increased by 71% over the same period of last year; the tax paid amounts to 24.1 billion yuan, increased by 55% over the same period of last year; 816,000 people get jobs, covering 19.85% of the total of the employed.

Modern service industry and advanced manufacturing developing side by side

While inspecting some enterprises in the service industry, Wang Huizhong, member of Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, emphasizes that the enterprises should seize the unique opportunity of the flourishing development of the marine economy, and make full use of the advantages of the opening-up port and private economy. Promoting the faster development of service industry and thus making it develop side by side with the advanced manufacturing can give an impetus to the "six quickening" strategy and provide a strong support for enterprise transformation and development.

On the afternoon of September 20, Secretary Wang Huizhong,accompnied by Vice-Mayor Chen Yijun and other related officials, visited  Ningbo International Logistics Development for detailed information about Ningbo E-port and operation of the fourth party logistics market. Secretary Wang said that modern logistics has a bright prospect for development, and by establishing the information-based E-business platform and the fourth party logistics service platform, the enterprises can reduce the cost and improve efficiency. He wished Ningbo International Logistics Development to go on with their innovation to build smart logistics and to make further contribution to make Ningbo an international port. Then Secretary Wang Huizhong and his delegation went to Sinotrans Zhejiang Co. Ltd. There he urged the company to seek for bigger development under the background of the developing marine economy, and play the leading role in the modern logistics industry.

The inspection group went on to visit Zhejiang Wide World Project Management and Consultation, Co. Ltd. Secretary Wang emphasized that in order to attract more high-level talents to start enterprises in Ningbo and encourage more enterprises home and abroad to set up their headquarters in Ningbo, it is important to create the market environment of fair competition and a more vigorous environment for developing.

Secretary Wang Huizhong pointed out when conducting the inspection, that modern service industry and advanced manufacturing are the two engines for the transformation of Ningbo economy. To accelerate its development as a city strong in service economy, Ningbo must improve the traditional service industry and at the same time foster the emerging high-end service industry. At the critical moment of establishing the pilot zone for marine economy, Ningbo should promote cooperation between enterprises and develop headquarter economy by attracting more large enterprises home and abroad to establish their headquarters, regional or functional, in Ningbo. Only in this way can the service industry demonstrate its scale effect and model effect. Relying on the advantages of industry, enterprises and markets, the service industry should promote its linkage development and focus on enhancing its internationalization level. The government should provide larger support in policies for the service industry and strengthen the social security for talents, and thus establish the most competitive environment for the development of service industry

Ningbo in front rank of Zhejiang in the integrated urban and rural development

Zhejiang Provincial Statistics Department recently released Report of Comprehensive Assessment of the Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Areas for 1010 and the 11th Five-year-plan Period. According to the report, in the past five years Ningbo is in the front rank of Zhejiang in the integrated urban and rural development and as early as 2009, the city entered the highest level of "complete integration", before other cities.

The integrated development of the urban and rural areas is assessed by four indicators of twenty indexes of social development and infrastructure, people's living conditions, social security, and ecological environment.

The report shows of the past 5 years, Ningbo ranks No.1 from the 1st to the 4th year, and in 2010, the 5th year, it ranks No.2. In the year, Zhoushan ranks No.1.

Ningbo Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone improving service systems

The result of the 10th China Technological Entrepreneurship Plan Contest was announced in Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone on September 19th.

As the core area of Ningbo technological innovations, the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is making all efforts to serve as the innovative port, the platform for technical and financial services, the platform for testing and certification services, the platform for technological information services and the platform for intellectual property services. It aims to improve the system for technological innovation services and to help the middle or small technological enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds.

As the innovative port, the zone will provide public services, such as releasing the news about achievements and linking up projects, for scientific academies, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutes, and innovative alliances.

The platform for technical and financial services serves to "find projects for the fund and find fund for the projects" by attracting some investment and financing organizations to enter the Zone or to set up outlets. At present, there are 36 investment and financing organizations and related services. Up until now, the Zone has succeeded in linking up some important projects, such as Shenzhen Capital Group investing in Future Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Tiantang Guigu Investment Management Group investing in Keyroad Stationary and Xinyi Venture Capital Investment Corp.  investing in Ningbo Est Technology Co. Ltd.

Testing and certification industry is a new and promising industry in the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Up to now, in the zone there exists an excellent “ecosystem” made up by some famous international testing and certification bodies, including SGS of Switzerland, TUV of Germany, and some famous Chinese testing and certification bodies like CEPREI and CTI, as well as a dozen of local certification bodies such as Zhongyi Testing Institute. The network of testing and certification bodies ensures to provide convenient and timely testing and certification services for the technologically innovating enterprises.

The platform for technological information services concentrates on providing technological literature support for middle or small enterprises. More than 40 important databases such as CJFD are open to the public for free. The platform has established 14 retrieval centres throughout the city to provide the middle or small enterprises with comprehensive technological information services more conveniently.

The platform for the intellectual property service boasts the assembled function of patent retrieval, statistic analysis, online patent warning and information management for enterprise intellectual property. The platform has established about 190 special patent databases for over 150 enterprises, and has provided the middle or small technical enterprises with the strong information support for improving their capability of creating, applying and managing intellectual properties.

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