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Entrepreneurship saloon opened

On the afternoon of September 5, an entrepreneurship saloon for overseas specialists was held in Ningbo. Zhu Wei, member of Ningbo Municipal Standing Committee of the CPC and Secretary of the Municipal Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, and Fan Yi, vice chairman of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting.

Over 40 overseas specialists from 10 countries including the U.S., Canada, Japan, the U.K. and Singapore, etc, together with young entrepreneurs and delegates from industrial parks, universities and research institutes, had a heated discussion about introducing talents and projects, as well as transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Ningbo ranks 7 in top 100 cities in foreign trade

According to Ningbo Customs, China Customs, based on statistics from the General Administration of Customs, recently released China Top 100 Cities of China in Foreign Trade fro 2010-2011, in which, Ningbo got 74.8 points, ranking No.7 among the Top 100 Cities of China in Foreign Trade.

On the list are also 10 cities of Zhejiang, including Zhoushan and Hangzhou and of these cities Ningbo ranks No.1.

The assessment system for the Top 100 Cities of China in Foreign Trade comprises indicators in capacity, potential, development, efficiency and structure. On the list, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Shanghai are the top 3. Since 2001, with the rise of the emerging economic bodies and the intensification of the global problems, the world economy is quickly entering the post crisis epoch.

Reportedly, from January to July this year, the foreign trade of Ningbo saw a consistent growth. The total of import and export reaches 55.71 billion US dollars, increased by 20% above the same period of the previous year. Of the total, the export is $34.25 billion, and the import 21.46 billion US dollars, increased by 19.1% and 21.5% respectively. Of the cities independently listed in the national plan, the total of import and export of Ningbo in the 7 months is only next to Shenzhen (235.78 billion US dollars), and in this respect, Ningbo ranks the 2nd position.

Ningbo bulky commodity trade center founded

As an important platform for the development of marine economy and an important measure to construct Ningbo into an internationally strong port, Ningbo bulky commodity trade center was founded yesterday.

Wang Huizhong, member of the provincial standing committee and party secretary of Ningbo, unveiled the name plate and Liuqi, vice mayor of Ningbo, delivered a speech. Present at the starting ceremony were also other government officials.

Ningbo bulky commodity trade center integrates the trade, settlement, information, logistic and financial services together and is planned to be opened to business this year.

The trade center will be an electronic trade platform using advanced Internet technology, e-commerce technology, linking international and domestic markets.

Through years of nurturing and development, Ningbo's bulky commodity market has thrived, with trade volume ranking first among coastal cities in China. 2010 saw a turnover of ¥170 billion and a number of regional pricing centers have emerged, such as the China plastic town in Yutao. Ningbo bulky commodity trade center will feature plastics, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, rare and valuable metals and steel, and efforts will be made to build it into a domestically influential multi-commodity trading and pricing center.

The establishment of the trade center will give full play to Ningbo's advantages of its location, port, resources, market and openness to the world and will greatly improve service function for the trade of bulky commodities, raise the level of modern service, and strengthen its pricing power and the competitive edge of its port.

In his congratulation speech, vice mayor Liuqi said that the construction of the bulky commodity trade center is an important measure to carry out the strategic plan for Ningbo to develop marine economy, to quicken the construction of a "three-in-one" port and shipping logistic service system, a key point in the implementation of the "six-quickening" strategy to upgrade economy, which will have a far-reaching effect in the construction of a pilot zone of marine economy.

Liu urged all concerned departments to have a strong sense of responsibility, to unify their thoughts, and to join their efforts to create a good environment for the operation of the trade center. He also urged the trade center to strengthen the construction of its trading system and risk-prevention mechanism so as to operate well. He finally welcomed producers and dealers to give more attention to Ningbo, to come and cooperate for common development.

Innovative Designing Competition of Smart Products completed

On the afternoon of September 3, the 3rd China Electronic Service Meeting and 2011 Ningbo Innovative Designing Competition held its awarding ceremony in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. There on exhibition are varieties of innovative and pragmatic products like the intelligence cell phones for the deaf and picture frames that can clean air.

The competition was jointly organized by Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo Municipal Economic Information Commission, Ningbo Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, and conducted by Ningbo Software Industrial Park and the Software College of Zhejiang University. This national-wide large competition was initiated in April this year, and over 800 works were collected from many well-known teams.

After the preliminary appraisal, 31 works entered the final stage. With the procedures of the on-the-spot display, questions and answers and voting, the winners of the awards were decided.

Innovated services to communities

According to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, governments of all levels of Ningbo consistently improve their services and management of communities, encourage the development of social organization, improve the competence of the community workers and try to provide residents with personalized services.

In recent years, Ningbo has encouraged the development of social organizations. not only lowering down the threshold for the registration of social organizations but also giving financial support to social organizations. In the first half this year, the funds for the public welfare projects of social organization have added up to over 6 million yuan. As a result, the services of communities are extended to wider fields, more colorful, and the social organizations are doing things which are beyond the communities workers.

The increasing harmony of communities is a result of the improved professional competence of the community workers. In recent years, the city has been exploring the ways to improve the professional competence of the community workers. It gives more training to the community workers to raise their professional ability.

In May this year, Haishu District conducted over 20 training programs, giving training to over 600 community workers.

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