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Fiji Governmental Delegation Visits Ningbo

On the morning of August 11, vice mayor Wang Renzhou met a governmental delegation from Fiji at the East Port Sheraton Hotel.

It was with the aim of learning about the development of the economic and social undertakings of Ningbo that the Fiji delegation paid a visit to Ningbo, in a hope of promoting the cooperation and exchanges in port development, smart logistics, trade and international finance.

The delegation then had a partnering talk with Ningbo companies. After that, they visited the Ningbo Port Group.

39 financial and marine projects signed

Thirty nine finance and marine economy projects valued 43 billion yuan were signed at a partnering meeting on Ningbo's merging into the Shanghai International Finance Center and the Shanghai International Shipping Center. At the meeting Shanghai and Ningbo agreed to establish a 10 billion yuan fund special for marine economy and the two ports would jointly set up China's first shipping insurance agency.

The projects signed at the partnering meeting range banking, port transportation, energy development, modern logistics and infrastructure, worth about 30 billion yuan. The projects are mostly large-scale, high-ranking and involving a wide range of fields, such as finance, port transport, port-based industries and modern logistics. Many are brand new projects filling in gap in development of finance and marine economy. The 10 bazillion yuan fund will be operated under the guidance of the government and according to market conditions. It will try to engage more private capital in the development of maritime economy. The first earmarking for the fund will be three billion yuan, mainly for development of port services, port-based manufacturing and industrial clusters, seafaring, etc. The to-be-set-up shipping insurance agency shall not only promote the port trade, but improve the specialization and international competitiveness of Chinese insurance industry.

Other projects signed included the joint venture between the Ningbo Port Group and the China Shipping Group, which will manage the Meishan Container Terminal (berths No.1 and No. 2), worth 2.6 billion yuan, the Damu Bay HOPSDB, an investment project by the Xiangshan Damu Bay Development Commission and the Shanghai Shimao Property Development Co. Ltd., the Hangzhou Bay New Area Startup Fund (1.2 billion yuan) by Hangzhou Bay New Area Administrative Committee and the SBCVC, the International Yacht Base (2.5 billion yuan) by HK Sansheng and Fenghua Sunshine Bay Development Co., Ltd., the First Sino Bank Ningbo Branch project by NETDZ and the First Sino Bank, as well as the China Sports Commodities Town by Ninghai Government and the Shanghai International Packing and Printing Co., Ltd.

Xiangshan Bureau of entry and exit inspection and quarantine strengthens inspection on outdoor lamps

Xiangshan Bureau of entry and exit inspection and quarantine strengthens inspection on outdoor lamps

From January  to July 2011, Xiangshan has exported 277,645 cases of outdoor lamps, valuing $15.98 million. Since January 1, 2011, outdoor lamps have been included in the

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Foreign Business Service Month 2011 Kicks Off

The city is making efforts to enable 100 investment projects to be settled or completed, which include CHIA TAI ENT Agriculture project, Yongshang Property Development project and Yisheng Petrochemicals Phase-3. This is a message released from a meeting to kick off the Foreign Business Service Month 2011 held on August 12. Vice mayor addressed the meeting.

With the theme of Solving Difficulties and Optimizing Services, the Service Month aims to introduce more big projects and promote the industrial restructuring of existing foreign businesses.

During this month, competent departments will gather and sort out difficulties and problems confronted the foreign businesses and try to help out. They will maneuver to crack nuts of industrial upgrading, rising costs, financing, and power supply, etc. The government will organize companies to visit the Smart City Fair and to participate in the Private Businesses Face to Face with Global Top 500, etc.

Special operation to check for safety hazards in the port and shipping systems

Recently, a number of serious accidents have happened in the transportation on water. To draw lessons from such accident and prevent similar happenings, a two-month special operation has been launched to check for safety hazards in the port and shipping systems of Ningbo and citizens can report any such hazard in a variety of ways.

It is learned that these hazards fall into the following five major categories: enterprises do not have the necessary conditions for safe production stipulated in the state safe production law or trade standards or unsafe factors are present among the staff, in the environment, facilities and equipment, which may lead to accidents, casualty and loss of property; construction projects without safety facilities or whose safety facilities have not been officially examined, inspected and approved but are put into use and production; the operation, transportation and storage of dangerous items in violation of related laws and regulations or trade standards, which may lead to casualty and loss of property; enterprises concealing or falsely reporting deaths and injuries in accidents; other factors that may endanger the society or the production of enterprises leading to casualty and loss of property.

Citizens may report such hazards via telephone, mail or e-mail: 87834812 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 106, Wangga road, Jiangdong district (postal code: 315041). Authorities will look into the case within 20 work days and, if reports are proved true, reporters will be awarded ¥200, ¥500, and ¥800 accordingly.

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