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French Week Put on

The 2011 Ningbo French Week was opened on the evening of July 30 with some street performances of French Flavor. Vice mayor Cheng Yijun, Zheng Fahua, rep of French Consulate in Shanghai, and Ms Xu Sujuan, chairperson of Alliance Française.

It was put on as part of the Ningbo Shopping Festival 2011. In coming nine days, citizens can enjoy French wine, French foods, culture and customs. Lectures about French education, culture and tourism would be given for Ningbo people to better know of France. Some classic French movies would be shown too.

China (Ningbo) International Smart Logistic Conference opened

China (Ningbo) International Smart Logistic Conference, jointly organized by Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone and the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, opened in Ningbo.

The theme of the conference is "smart logistic service of Ningbo". And it is attended by 250 people from 60 world-famous logistic information enterprises, 40 famous Chinese information enterprises and 100 related enterprises. The conference will have such events as the awarding ceremony and agreement signing ceremony. Some senior executives of some world-famous logistic and IT enterprises will speak at the conference, and Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone will introduce its advantageous conditions in the smart logistics and its services in this respect.

2nd Hengfeng Award Industrial Design Contest opened

At the press conference of Ningbo Municipal Government on July 26, it was announced that the 2nd Hengfeng Award Industrial Design Contest opened. At the press conference, 153 manufacturing industrial projects were declared for industrial designs all over the world.

Ningbo is strong in manufacturing industry and relatively weak in industrial design, and this has been a restriction for the transformation and upgrading of some traditional manufacturing industries. "This contest of global scope aims to help the small and medium-sized enterprises in this aspect," said Chen Binrong, Vice Secretary General of Ningbo Municipal Government.

It is learned that the contest aims to promote the combination of manufacturing and designing. The awards are of four categories: "Award for Best Creative Work", "Award for Best Integration Project", "Award for Best Design", and "Award for Industrial Promotion."

All these come from the needs of the manufacturing industries of Ningbo. In perspectives of the industrial upgrading and the industrial structural adjustment, the organizer of the contest selected 153 projects needed for designing, involving over 12 million yuan. These projects are of such industries as electrical appliance, motor components, equipment, medical and fitness equipment.

Report of talent introduction this year

On July 27, Ningbo Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security released an analysis report of talent introduction in the first half this year, which shows that by the end of June, the city has introduced 50,193 professionals, 3,295 more than the same period of last year. So far, the total of talents reaches 1.12 million.

The report says that Ningbo is strong for its improved mechanism for talent introduction, supporting policies and the environment for the growth of the imported talents. However, the high price of houses, cost of living and uncompetitive wages are becoming major factors that restrict the talent introduction.

The sources of talents introduced to Ningbo is outside Zhejiang, especially the central and western regions. 3,769 college graduates are from these places, increased by 70.1% above the same period of the previous year. Persons related say that The sincere invitation of the employers is one of reasons for the popularity of Ningbo among the job seekers outside Zhejiang. In addition, according to the guided wages of Ningbo for 2011, the monthly wage for a college graduate for his first job is generally 2,000 yuan, increased by 14% to 22% against 2010. This is a great attraction to the college graduates of the regions.

Statistics show that of the 50193 people introduced in the first half of this year, 38,198 were employed by private enterprises, covering 76.1%% of the total. However, the report points out that though a majority of the people introduced went to private enterprises, the growth rate against the same period of the last year is only 3.1%, notably slowed down compared with the past years.

The introduction of high-end talents if always an important part in Ningbo's talent introduction strategy. In this regard, The introduction of talents with senior academic titles increased by 35.7% above the same period of the previous year.

In the first half of this year, Yinzhou introduced 6,993 people, ranking No.1 in Ningbo. "That Yinzhou is favored by the job seekers is owing to the series of preferential policies of Yinzhou," said a person of Yinzhou District Personnel Bureau.

Ningbo has 88 star-rated hotels

According to updated statistics from Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration, this year, 2 five-star hotels opened in Ningbo, and with them, Ningbo now has 16 five-star hotels, ranking the second place in Zhejiang for the number of five-star hotels.

Plus the 21 four-star hotels and 51 three-star hotels, Ningbo has 88 star-rated hotels, keeping the front position among the cities of the same level in the country.

This year, the star-rated hotels have had a good situation, with increasing growth in occupancy and operating income. Statistics show that in the first half this year, the average occupancy of the star-rated hotels reached 59.37%, increased by 1.11 points above the same period of the previous year; the average room rate is 308.45 yuan, up by 3.44%.

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