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Transnational Procurement Meeting of the IFF Sees Business Brisk

On the morning of October 21st, the booth of LECOZIONI MENSWEAR INC from America in the IFF OEM Garment Hall at the international exhibition and exhibition center saw various clothing samples coming in from garment enterprises. Fred Azizia, president of the company, planned to make purchases at the transnational procurement meeting of fair. He had received over ten enterprises before noon.
It was learned that hundreds of procurement negotiations had been held and 80 more agreements had been made on the single morning.
Two thirds of the 75 enterprises from 21 countries at the meeting are from emerging economies. Yesterday morning, businessmen from India, Indonesia and Mauritius purchased a large quantity of clothes.
Foreign purchasers spoke highly of the procurement meeting. Javier Mesa, a chairman of a Spanish company said that this was his first time to participate in such a fair. He deemed the fair really had a point since he could speak to the factory directly.

Ningbo released white paper of energy utilization

Saving energy and protecting environment is the basic policy of the country and it is essential for the ecological construction of the city. On October 13, Report of Energy Uses in Ningbo 2010, compiled by Ningbo Municipal Economic Information Commission and other related departments, was officially released. This is the first white paper of energy uses released in the early period of the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period.

According to the report, in 2010 the comprehensive energy consumption of Ningbo is around 35,360,000 tons of standard coal, increased by 12,6% above the previous year. The energy consumption per 10,000 yuan GDP levels the same period in the previous year. Compared with the proceeding year, the energy consumption for the per 10,000 yuan added value of the first and the third industries drops down. The energy consumption for the per 10,000 yuan added value of the second industry rises by 1.57% above the previous year.

In 2010, the industrial energy consumption amounts to 26,710,000 tons of standard coal, with an increase of 20% over the previous year. Of the total, the energy consumption by large industrial enterprises increases by 15% over the previous year. This shows that the industrial energy consumption covers about 70% of the total. The major sources of energies are coal, petrol products, electric power, gas and thermal power. In the last year, the consumption of raw oil, coal and power shows and upward trend. In the year, the consumption of natural gas by large industrial enterprises is 3.13 times that of the previous year and the consumption of the liquefied natural gas, 39.3 times.

"In the coming 5 years, we'll have a severe situation for energy saving in industries," said an authority of a related department of Ningbo Municipal Economic Information Commission. The high industrial energy consumption is a major problem in the work of energy saving in Ningbo. In terms of the per unit energy consumption of industrial products and the energy consumption efficiency, we are quite behind the advanced international levels.

According to the report, the domestic energy consumption amounts to 2,584,000 standard coal, decreased by 17% against the same period of the previous year. However, the per capita energy consumption increases by 12%. "In the coming 5 years, rational and efficient use of energy is the key to energy saving," said a related authority of Ningbo Municipal Economic Information Commission

Press conference held for the promotion of the first Marine Economic Investment Fair

On October 11, the organizing committee of the first China Marine Economic Investment Fair held a promotion conference in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. It is learnt from the conference that a batch of high-quality marine economic projects will be signed during the fair. Also, a series of special activities, such as talents recruitment, expert forum and academicians' visit to enterprises, will provide the needed intelligent support for the development of blue economy in Zhejiang and Ningbo.

The first Marine Economic Investment Fair, to be held from November 10 to 12, will surely generate a batch of planned marine economic projects and motivate the signing and landing of others. It is estimated that over 1000 qualified investors will attend the fair, and over 10000 specialists of marine economy will come to seek cooperation. A batch of high-quality marine economic projects will be signed, including about 50 major projects or strategic cooperation agreements.

Besides attracting capital investment, the fair pays equal attention to intelligent investment. During the fair session, the organizing committee arranges some special recruitment meetings for some related enterprises, universities and research institutes. In addition, about 10 academicians in the marine economic field will give specialized talks and go to 20 major enterprises and institutes to give technological advice, seek cooperation and provide personnel training.

Wang Dianchang, Secretary of the Planning Division of China State Oceanic Administration, and Feng Bosheng, Deputy-secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Government, attended the conference. Representatives of over 60 national and local news media from Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang were present in the press conference

Conference of Professional Managers 2011 to open in Ningbo

Hosted by Ningbo Municipal Government, China Association of Middle and Small Enterprises, and China Professional Managers Association, the Conference of Professional Managers 2011 is going to open in Ningbo from October 25 to 27.

Some senior managers all over the country will be invited to the conference for the discussion of how to overcome the difficulties and how to help enterprises to find new economic growth points. At the meeting, China Professional Managers Association will initiate elections of "the most valuable professional managers", "the entrepreneurs most praised by professional managers", and "the most favored cities by professional managers".

China International Grain and Oil Exhibition to be held

The 11th China International Grain-and-Oil Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition, jointly sponsored by China State Administration of Grain and Zhejiang Provincial Government, is to be held in Ningbo International Exhibition Centre from October 13th to 15th. On the evening of October 16, the campaign for 2011 World Grain Day candle-light vigil as well as the national grain cherishing week will be started.

About 800 related grain and oil enterprises from 28 provinces or autonomous regions or municipalities or cities specifically designated in the state plan, as well as some foreign countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy and South Korea, will attend the exhibition. The total area for the exhibition is 22,000 square meters, up 20% over the last year. Up to now, the organizing committee has invited over 3500 traders and distributed 50000 visiting tickets to over 40000 families in 34 residential quarters. The exhibition will be open to the citizens for their purchase of grain-and-oil products on October 14th and the morning of 15th. During the session of the exhibition, the supply and demand fair of the talents in grain industry and the forum for directors of vocational colleges for grain industry. In addition, the gold medal will be awarded to the selected products from the exhibited ones.

The World Grain Day falls in October 16th each year. At 5.00 pm, the celebrating activities for the 2011 candle-light vigil will be carried out, sponsored by China Ministry of Agriculture, China State Administration of Grain, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Zhejiang Provincial Government. In the meanwhile, the national grain cherishing week will begin.

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