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A historic breakthrough! Ningbo Zhoushan International

Shipping Center rose to the 9th of the rank

Ningbo, built by Hong Kong, prosperous because of Hong Kong.

On September 22, the "Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index Report (2023)" was released in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the report). According to the report, the top 10 global shipping center cities in terms of comprehensive strength in 2023 are Singapore, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Athens-Piraeus, Ningbo Zhoushan, and New York-New Jersey.

Ningbo Zhoushan's International Shipping Center Development Index jumped to 9th place, achieving a historic breakthrough after ranking among the top 10 for the first time in 2021 and consolidating the previous year's position in 2022, surpassing world-renowned ports such as New York-New Jersey, Houston and Tokyo.

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10 Ningbo enterprises included in “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”

On the afternoon of September 20, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released three lists: “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”, “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises” and “China Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises”. To be specific, 10 enterprises in Ningbo are included in the “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”, 18 enterprises in the “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, and 13, in the “China Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises”.

Compared with last year, there was an addition of a Ningbo enterprise in the “China Top 500 Enterprises”. Youngor ranks 161st with a revenue of 171.5 billion yuan for 2022; Jintian Holdings ranks 195th with 134.569 billion yuan; China-base Ningbo Group ranks 223rd with 116.077 billion yuan; and AUX ranks 298th with 81.08 billion yuan. Grand Resources, FUTURECO, and Shanshan Corporation rank 312th, 365th, and 367th with a revenue of 76.115 billion yuan, 62.766 billion yuan, and 62.541 billion yuan respectively. Besides, Fubang Holdings ranks 399th with 57.521 billion yuan; Junsheng Electronics ranks 475th with 49.793 billion yuan; and Ningbo Development & Investment Group ranks 499th with 47 billion yuan.

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20 Ningbo enterprises selected as one of the top 500

private enterprises in China

On September 12th, “Top 500 Private Enterprises in China 2023” was released by the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce. A total of 20 Ningbo private enterprises were shortlisted, an increase of 2 compared to last year, and the number of shortlisted enterprises reached a historic high.

Among them, Youngor Group, Jintian Investment Holdings, and China-Base Ningbo Group respectively rank 46th, 61st, and 78th with operating revenue of 171.5 billion yuan, 134.569 billion yuan, and 116.077 billion yuan. The two newly added enterprises, Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical and Ningbo Ronbaimat Co., Ltd., respectively ranked 251st and 460th in terms of operating revenue.

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Special board opens for SMEs in Ningbo

Good news comes for the small and medium-sized enterprises, as the new force for high-quality economic development in Ningbo. On the afternoon of September 19, at the Ningbo Stock Exchange Center, the special board for SRDI SMEs was officially opened, with the first 108 SRDI enterprises listed on the board.

It is understood that the special board is jointly guided by Ningbo Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and the Ningbo Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and operated by Ningbo Stock Exchange Center.

In June of this year, Ningbo was successfully shortlisted for the first batch of special board (for SRDI SMEs) construction plans announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

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With bank-tax interactive "loans" bringing "timely rain,"

small and medium-sized micro-enterprises in Ningbo enjoy more than 40 billion yuan of "living water"

"We are A-level taxpayers with tax credit, and after consulting the tax department, the company applied for a loan through the bank-tax interactive module with the mentality of trying it out, and I didn't expect that within a few days, the Bank of China granted a loan of 50 million yuan." Ding Gaosong, the person in charge of Ningbo Gaosong Electronics Co., Ltd., was full of feelings.

This efficient credit facility comes from the efficient collaboration between the tax department and the bank. Since the launch of this year's "Spring Wind Action to Facilitate Private Taxation",

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