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Ningbo Airport Shore Run with "Acceleration", Helping Build an International Fresh Food Hub Port

In the context of consumption upgrading, the rich variety of imported fresh food is becoming a "delicacy on the tip of the tongue" for everyone. On March 16, a batch of live yellow eels weighing 15.5 tons arrived at Ningbo Lishe International Airport from Manila, Philippines, and will be on the tables of surrounding consumers through the seafood market in the Yangtze River Delta region.

"From landing to pick-up, it only took 3 hours." Hu Yongqiang, general manager of Ningbo Jiirong Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., the carrier of this shipment, said, "The efficient customs clearance efficiency of Ningbo Airport and Port and the intimate service of Ningbo Airport Customs and other government departments have strengthened our determination to base ourselves in Ningbo and radiate the whole country." ”

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Ningbo launched the 5th batch of "Boutique, special and bright" construction projects

If you stroll through boutique lines, characteristic blocks and highlight projects, and you can feel the beauty of vigorous development everywhere. Have you ever been amazed by any of them?

It is learned that Ningbo has launched the fifth batch of "Boutique, special and bright" construction projects recently. Each district (county, city) has launched 2 new boutique lines, 2 characteristic blocks and 10 highlight projects. It will further scientifically coordinate the layout of business types, improve the supporting facilities along the lines, accelerate the release of consumption potential, cultivate and support the landscape with landscape, and work tirelessly in the journey of building a model of Chinese path to modernization city.

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Ningbo's Trade with Central and Eastern European Countries Ushered in a "Good Start"

As the third China-CEEC Expo approaches, Ningbo is slowly entering the "Central and Eastern European Time".

On March 9, it was learned from Ningbo Customs that from January to February this year, Ningbo's economic and trade with Central and Eastern European countries ushered in a "good start", and Ningbo's imports from Central and Eastern European countries reached 2.69 billion yuan, a significant increase of 84.9% year-on-year.

Among them, raw materials such as automobiles and copper and agricultural products are the main imported commodities. Taking automobiles as an example, from January to February, imports of automobiles (including chassis) from Central and Eastern European

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Ningbo to set up inbound tourism stores in Bulgaria

At 6 pm local time on February 27, the cultural tourism promotion conference of Beijing and Ningbo (two cities along the Grand Canal) was held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The purpose of this event is to publicize the historical origin of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the cultural charm of Beijing and Ningbo, and to boost the cooperation in the tourism field between China and Bulgaria.

Sofia is 10,571 kilometers away from Ningbo, but the two cities have a long history of interaction. In 2015, Ningbo-CEEC Tourism Cooperation and Exchange Conference launched the activity of “1,000 Ningbo people traveling to Central and Eastern Europe”. In 2016, Ningbo was elected as the “capital of East Asian culture”, and started the dialogue with such “capitals of European culture” such as Provdiv of Bulgaria. In 2019, Ningbo launched the plan of “1000 Ningbo people in 100 tourist groups visiting Bulgaria”.

The white crab and yellow croaker dishes, and such special gifts from Ningbo as Yue Kiln celadon and tea appeal greatly to the local people of Sofia.

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