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Ningbo launched the 5th batch of "Boutique, special and bright" construction projects

If you stroll through boutique lines, characteristic blocks and highlight projects, and you can feel the beauty of vigorous development everywhere. Have you ever been amazed by any of them?

It is learned that Ningbo has launched the fifth batch of "Boutique, special and bright" construction projects recently. Each district (county, city) has launched 2 new boutique lines, 2 characteristic blocks and 10 highlight projects. It will further scientifically coordinate the layout of business types, improve the supporting facilities along the lines, accelerate the release of consumption potential, cultivate and support the landscape with landscape, and work tirelessly in the journey of building a model of Chinese path to modernization city.

The establishment of "Boutique, special and bright" projects is an important starting point for Ningbo to build a modern coastal metropolis in an all-round way, and an important carrier for realizing the beauty of the whole region and the common prosperity of the whole people. This initiative has driven the rise of Ningbo's urban industrial level, the accelerated regional high-quality development, and the significant increase of people’s happiness index.

According to the data, as of December 2022, the city has launched 560  projects of this kind, with a total investment of 539.361 billion yuan. 58.1% of the investment and 254 projects have been completed

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