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Import and export of frozen fish restarted

On February 28,  “Dino”, a Panamanian ship which entered from Bonape, docked at the Ro-Ro Terminal of Meishan Port,

which marks the restart of the frozen fish import and export business after three years’ suspend. The Meishan Border Inspection Office of Ningbo Entry-exit Border Inspection Station has endeavored to provide services to fully ensure the convenient customs clearance and production security of this ship.

The ship carried with it over 4,200 tons of frozen fish, with a cargo value of about US$8 million (about 54 million yuan). This time, the ship will stay at the Meishan Port for eight to ten days, during which over 70 workers and over 10 vehicles will run about 200 times to transfer the goods to the cold chain warehouse of Fenghua District. “It is three years ago that we berthed at Meishan Port the last time. Compared with the operation in Zhoushan Port, we could save the freight owner about 100 yuan per ton of cargo. This time, the Ningbo Border Inspection Station has made a special deployment for this service, providing convenience for our operators to handle the boarding certificate and saving a lot of time for the entry and customs clearance of cargo.” said Bai Yanxin, the ship agent

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