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Ningbo Airport Shore Run with "Acceleration", Helping Build an International Fresh Food Hub Port

In the context of consumption upgrading, the rich variety of imported fresh food is becoming a "delicacy on the tip of the tongue" for everyone. On March 16, a batch of live yellow eels weighing 15.5 tons arrived at Ningbo Lishe International Airport from Manila, Philippines, and will be on the tables of surrounding consumers through the seafood market in the Yangtze River Delta region.

"From landing to pick-up, it only took 3 hours." Hu Yongqiang, general manager of Ningbo Jiirong Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., the carrier of this shipment, said, "The efficient customs clearance efficiency of Ningbo Airport and Port and the intimate service of Ningbo Airport Customs and other government departments have strengthened our determination to base ourselves in Ningbo and radiate the whole country." ”

At present, Ningbo is striving to build an international open hub capital and a domestic and international dual-circulation service hub. This foreign trade market, which is "connected to the world", is polishing the "golden business card" of the fresh hub port and helping more global cuisines enter China's "vegetable basket" from Ningbo

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