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24th Ningbo International Machine Tool & Equipment Exhibition held

The Busy merchants, dazzling intelligent robots, high-end equipment and new elements of intelligent manufacturing are everywhere at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the holding of the 24th Ningbo International Machine Tool & Equipment Exhibition, various equipment in the six exhibition halls are displaying the new trend of intelligent manufacturing in Ningbo.

As the first of its kind held after the epidemic, the exhibition has attracted a large number of participating enterprises with their main products. At the exhibition area of FLD (Ningbo) Robotics Co., Ltd., Zhu Qilin, who is in charge, was busy greeting and seeing off visitors. 

"With the development of the new generation of information technology, there have been many welding robots emerging in China. However, our welding collaborative robots are more suitable for the lightweight and precision welding needs of automobiles." said Zhu Qilin. Unlike other welding robots, which must be fixed at designated positions, the collaborative robots can move with the welding guns, thus they can help enterprises quickly complete the layout of automatic welding production lines. They can also do welding where other manual and industrial robots cannot do to the proper positions.

The emergence of this kind of robots not only fills the technical gap, but also further improves the intelligent level of welding automation. "Over the past two days, an endless stream of merchants have come to negotiate, allowing us to foresee the future of rapid development of our enterprise", said Zhu Qilin.

Unlike FLD robots, the truss robots of Ningbo Kaipu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. pay more attention to the automation and intelligent transformation of loading and unloading. In the exhibition area of the enterprise, the flexible manipulator rotates up and down, demonstrating its unique skill: changing the gripper within three seconds, and grasping products of different sizes and shapes.

"Nowadays, consumers' demand for personalized products is still increasing. Manufacturing enterprises need to follow in the footsteps of consumers, accelerate the automation and intelligent transformation of production lines, and match them through more flexible production methods." said Yang Yunlin, General Manager of Kaipu Intelligent Technology. According to him, in response to the new situations and new changes, at present, the enterprise can provide various types of grippers such as shafts, square parts, and disk types in accordance with customer demands, to meet the needs of different production lines.

In fact, at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, these two enterprises are just two examples of the enterprises that are facing the accelerated transformation of new trends. For example, the CNC machine tools of Ningbo Xize Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. pay more attention to stability, high rigidity, and high torque; Ningbo Gongtie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. enables the machine tool to maintain high efficiency and accuracy through the research and development of permanent magnet synchronous resistor shafts; and the precision CNC horizontal gear machines of Yongbo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focus more on the processing of precision and small diameter gears. All participating enterprises are focusing on their respective fields of expertise and main businesses, and moving forward in their own way.

"In recent years, with the accelerated integration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the products of various machine tool enterprises have undergone significant changes." said a related person in charge of the organizing committee of the exhibition. With the empowerment of the new generation of information technology, enterprises have increased their recognition on intelligent manufacturing, and automation and intelligent transformation have become a necessary answer for enterprises to move towards high-quality development. As a result, various high-end equipment enterprises are ushering in a "prime time" for rapid development.

According to preliminary statistics, the four-day machine tool exhibition attracted 530 mainstream manufacturers to participate offline and 150 mainstream manufacturers to participate online, together with 50,000 professional visitors, an increase of 30% compared with last year's session

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