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9 brands of Ningbo listed in China's Top 500

The list of China's Top 500 Brands was recently released in Beijing. On the list are 45 brands of Zhejiang, including 9 from Ningbo. The increase of the value of the brands of Ningbo is notable, as is the case of Sacon, whose value increased by 2.4 billion yuan compared with the previous year.

The list of China's Top 500 was released by the World Brand Lab, one of the three authoritative brand value assessment organizations of the world. On this year's list, the No1 of Zhejiang is Wahaha, valuing 14.257 billion yuan; the next is Transfar and Juhua. Yongor ranks No.111, for its value of 9.853 billion yuan. Firs ranks No.127, valuing 9.276 billion yuan; Sacon ranks No.140, valuing 8.676 billion yuan. Other brands on the list are Dahongying, Romon, Progen, Beyond, Aux and Pair-Deer.

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