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HK Jewelry Exhibition Joining Hands with Ningbo Shopping Festival

The Hong Kong Premium Jewelry Exhibition was put on in the International Shopping Center of Ningbo on July 30. This is the fourth time that the jewelry exhibition has joined hands with Ningbo Shopping Festival. Ningbo has become a must stop of the HK jewelry exhibition, because the jewelry dealers of Hong Kong looks to the robust purchasing capacity of Ningbo people.

Hong Kong's jewelry, mostly featuring embedding, has enjoyed a good reputation in the world. The designers have designed particular jewelry fashions to cater to Ningbo customers. The brands exhibited included Ronghe, Haoting, and Linggan, as well as some new brands.

"Though the shopping festival lasts only 10 days, we don't value sales too much. What's more important is to make Ningbo people learn about HK jewelry", said a dealer. Models would be invited to showcase jewelries this time. In addition, lectures on jewelry culture would be given.

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