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Ningbo ranks No.1 in China for the import under ECFA

The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) became effective in January this year, and this has boosted the trade between Ningbo and Taiwan. Statistics of Ningbo Customs show that in the first half this year, the import of Taiwan-made goods in the ECFA reaches 455,900 tons, valuing 738 million US dollars, covering 48.61% of the total import in the ECFA by China in the period, ranking No.1 in the country.

It is learned that the import of chemical materials covers a larger proportion. As an important chemical base, Ningbo has a great demand for chemical materials. The ECFA rules zero tariff for the chemical materials like acrylic and para-xylene and this made the Taiwan-made chemicals more competitive. From January to June, the import of para-xylene via Ningbo Customs values 340 million US dollars, and that of acrylic 290 million US dollars. The import of the two chemicals covers 80% of the total.

In addition to the chemicals, there has some increase in the import of Taiwan-made automobile components and mountain bikes, thanks to the competitive prices of these commodities.

To ensure the implement of the ECFA and promote the trade to Taiwan, Ningbo Customs has set up a special pass for the goods in the ECFA, which offers preferential services to the goods in the customs procedures.

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