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Second Ningbo International Finance Forum Held

The second Ningbo Nottingham International Finance Forum was held at the Sheraton Hotel on July 11. Vice mayor Su Limian and some 400 scholars and finance professionals attended the forum.

The forum was co-sponsored by the CASS, Ningbo Municipality and the Nottingham University of the UK. The theme of the forum focused on Stable Development of Economic Stability and Innovation of Banking Services. Prof. Li Yang from the CASS and the former vice prime minister of UK addressed the meeting. The topics discussed included internationalization of RMB, early warning and precautions on financial crisis, developments of global monetary policies and taxation policies and so on

Breakthrough of export of mechanical and electrical products

According to Ningbo Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, in the first six months this year, the export of mechanical and electrical products by Ningbo numbers 148,255 lots, valuing 5.01 billion US dollars, increased by 2.1% and 16.7% respectively over the precious year. This is a breakthrough of the export of mechanical and electrical products of Ningbo after the monetary crisis breaking out in 2008.

Home appliances, lamp fittings, and cables are still the major part of the export. In the past six months, the exports of these products value respectively 1.54 billion, 0.59 billion and 0.5 billion US dollars, respectively covering 30.7%, 11.8% and 10% of the total of the exported mechanical and electrical products. The export of the cables has the fastest growth rate, increased by 17.3% over the same period of last year, and the home appliances come the next, increased by 15.3% above the same period of the previous year.

The export of the mechanical and electrical products of Ningbo is still to Europe and America. To USA, the export reaches 880 million dollars, covering 17.6 % of the total; To Germany and UK, the exports value reaches 310 million and 220 million dollars, covering 6.2% and 4.4% of the total.

Cixi, Yuyao and Yinzhou are the major exporters of the products. The export by Cixi reaches 1.81 billion US dollars, covering 36.1% of the total; The export by Yuyao and Yinzhou reaches 870 million and 810 million dollars.

9 brands of Ningbo listed in China's Top 500

The list of China's Top 500 Brands was recently released in Beijing. On the list are 45 brands of Zhejiang, including 9 from Ningbo. The increase of the value of the brands of Ningbo is notable, as is the case of Sacon, whose value increased by 2.4 billion yuan compared with the previous year.

The list of China's Top 500 was released by the World Brand Lab, one of the three authoritative brand value assessment organizations of the world. On this year's list, the No1 of Zhejiang is Wahaha, valuing 14.257 billion yuan; the next is Transfar and Juhua. Yongor ranks No.111, for its value of 9.853 billion yuan. Firs ranks No.127, valuing 9.276 billion yuan; Sacon ranks No.140, valuing 8.676 billion yuan. Other brands on the list are Dahongying, Romon, Progen, Beyond, Aux and Pair-Deer.

9th Summer Housing Expo to open on Friday

According to a news conference held on the afternoon of July 6, the 9th China Housing Expo will open from July 8 to 11 in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. Over 1,000 brands of housing products will be exhibited.

The expo will have 2,200 exhibition stalls and the exhibition area totals 45,000 square meters, leveling the summer housing expo in the last year. 6 exhibition halls of Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center will be used for the six areas of furniture, kitchen cabinet, floor, building material, and house decoration and other housing decorative product. The products to be exhibited will include the whole of the housing industry, so as to offer purchasers one-stop services.

It is learned that 1035 brands of housing products from over 10 countries including USA and Germany and over 20 provinces and cities of China including Hong Kong and Taiwan, an increase of 22.% over the previous year. Of the brands, 45.5% are from the Changjiang River Delta, 20% from the Zhujiang River Delta, 20.5% from Hong Kong, Taiwan and international brands, and over 90% of the brands are from international famous brands.

For this first time, an exhibition of housing handicraft and decorative products will open, a highlight of the expo this year. The exhibits, made by some famous southeast and Chinese handicraft art companies, will include such works as ivory products, rare stone products, jade works, silver ware, chinaware, wording carving works, paintings and calligraphic works.

Over 95% of the products will be offered at the best prices, good new for the purchasers and consumers.

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