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Ningbo accelerates modern industrial system building

Ningbo is taking practical measures to build a modern industrial system. The “action plan for accelerating the construction of the “361” billion-level industrial cluster in Ningbo (2023-2027)” was recently launched. Seven major actions will be taken to help Ningbo establish the green, new and high-end “361” billion-level industrial cluster system by 2027. The revenue of the industrial cluster system will reach 3.7 trillion yuan, and the proportion of industrial added value of Ningbo will improve to about 25% of that of the province. More than five national level industrial clusters will be cultivated.

Manufacturing industry is the foundation of the industrial development of Ningbo. As an effective way to promote the modernization of the industrial system, the cultivation of industrial clusters is an important lever to reshape the industrial pattern. Last year, Ningbo achieved an added value of 533.9 billion yuan for the above-scale industries, accounting for 24.4% of the total added value in the province, increasing its ranking in cities across the country from the 9th to the 7th. However, as the scale continues to grow, the scattered and inefficient

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China Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum Ningbo 2023 opens

On July 29th, China Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum Ningbo 2023 opened in Jiangbei District. Experts and scholars from the field of artificial intelligence and industries such as finance, healthcare, and education from both domestic and foreign countries gathered at the "Qiaomengyuan" in Ningbo to jointly explore the "head goose effect" of artificial intelligence empowering various industries.

At this forum, many industry experts, including academicians of the CAS Member and professors from well-known universities, shared their latest academic research achievements, technical practice paths and industry solutions.

It is learned that this forum has arranged more than 20 keynote speeches and roundtable forums around the application of artificial intelligence industry, attracting more than 200 enterprises and nearly 400 industry experts and scholars to participate in the exchange.

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Top 100 Apparel Enterprises List 2022 released,

10 enterprises in Ningbo listed

The fashion textile and apparel industry is a competitive industry in Ningbo. On July 31st, the China Apparel Association released the list of "Top 100 Enterprises in the Apparel Industry 2022 " (hereinafter referred to as the "List"), and a total of 10 enterprises in Ningbo were included in the "Top 100 Revenue" and "Total Profit" list.

According to the list, a total of 10 enterprises in Ningbo have been selected as one of the top 100 "revenue" companies in the apparel industry in 2022. Among them, 3 enterprises have been selected as one of the top 10 companies and 9 enterprises have been selected as one

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