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China Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum Ningbo 2023 opens

On July 29th, China Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum Ningbo 2023 opened in Jiangbei District. Experts and scholars from the field of artificial intelligence and industries such as finance, healthcare, and education from both domestic and foreign countries gathered at the "Qiaomengyuan" in Ningbo to jointly explore the "head goose effect" of artificial intelligence empowering various industries.

At this forum, many industry experts, including academicians of the CAS Member and professors from well-known universities, shared their latest academic research achievements, technical practice paths and industry solutions.

It is learned that this forum has arranged more than 20 keynote speeches and roundtable forums around the application of artificial intelligence industry, attracting more than 200 enterprises and nearly 400 industry experts and scholars to participate in the exchange.

It is reported that as the only national level overseas Chinese business industry in Zhejiang Province and a cluster of innovation and entrepreneurship of Overseas Chinese, Ningbo "Qiaomengyuan" has actively embraced AI in recent years, continuously deepened international economic, technological and cultural cooperation and exchanges, created a global oriented "Smart Qiaomengyuan" entrepreneurship platform, and truly served the "No. 1 development project" of digital economy innovation and quality improvement in Zhejiang Province

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