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Foreign experts bring innovative force to Ningbo enterprises

With the dynamic submarine communications cable with independent intellectual property rights, Ningbo Orient Cable Co., Ltd. has completely overcome its technical difficulty of high-grade submarine communications cable. “It’s all credited to the overseas engineers from Greece.” said the technical director of the company.

Submarine communications cable is the “artery” connecting the offshore area and the ocean, but the key technology of high-grade submarine communications cable above 220KV has been monopolized by foreign enterprises for a long time. With the support of municipal and district governments, Orient Cable has recruited a Greek expert who has been engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and technical management of ultra-high voltage submarine communications cable for a long time, to be responsible for the company’s cable manufacturing and production. This foreign expert not only helped the company to seize the technical commanding height of 525KV flexible DC submarine communications cable, but also cultivated an innovative team with an international perspective for the enterprise to promote the transformation from “external intelligence” to “internal intelligence”.

Currently, Ningbo is striving to build the “361” trillion-level industrial clusters, to build the Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Zone according to the positioning of a world-class science and technology innovation source center, to support advantageous enterprises to form innovation associations, and to overcome the “bottleneck” problems of the key core technologies, all of which cannot be separated from the full assistance of talents from other countries.

In the future, Ningbo will continue to make good use of overseas engineers, deepen the implementation of the Yongjiang Talent Project, improve the “general principles+special principles+customization” policy system, polish the care-free service brand for talents, introduce and cultivate more strategic technology talents, technology leaders, young technology talents, outstanding engineers, and great craftsmen, allowing excellent talents to obtain the win-win results with the city

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