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Ningbo 24 villages are on the list of provincial "

one village, ten thousand trees" demonstration village

January 9, from the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau was informed that, according to the Provincial Forestry Bureau announced the 2023 "Zhejiang Province 'a village of ten thousand trees' demonstration villages" list, Ningbo City, a total of 24 villages on the list.

Since 2018, Ningbo City has created 169 demonstration villages in Zhejiang Province, covering 10 districts (counties and cities) in the city.

Through the creation of "One Village, Ten Thousand Trees" demonstration villages, the natural environment of villages has been improved, the greening on both sides of major traffic routes has been transformed and upgraded, the impacts of dust and noise on residents have been reduced, the landscapes on both sides of the rivers have been beautified, the per capita area of greening has been increased, the quality of village habitats has been upgraded, and the ecological benefits have been remarkable

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