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In Ningbo there are 225 provincial farmers' markets

the number of which ranks first in Zhejiang province.

Ningbo farmers' market, "against the odds" road is still continuing: market supervision in Zhejiang Province, the joint meeting recently issued a notice identifying 372 markets for the province in 2023 assured that the farmers' market, valid for three years. Ningbo 74 markets were selected. Up to now, the city's cumulative total of 225 province assured farmers market. Both data ranked first in the province.

In order to ensure the people's "food basket" and "rice bag" safety, the Zhejiang Provincial Government in 2014 to start the construction of farmers' markets. The province assured that the farmers' market creation standards are mainly five aspects, specifically for the

consumer environment, food safety, management services, integrity management, price measurement assured.

With the municipal party committee and the municipal government attaching great importance to the city, the city launched a three-year campaign to renovate and upgrade the city's farmers' markets in 2019, determined to change the dirty and messy conditions of farmers' markets.

In three years, Ningbo farmers market overall appearance to complete the first "reverse". During this period, the city has completed the first national standardisation of vegetable market management of local regulations "Ningbo vegetable market management regulations" introduced and implemented, the development of relevant local standards, the formation of a farmers' market construction and management of local standards system with Ningbo characteristics.

Provincial proving of farmers market is a dynamic process.

In 2022, Ningbo farmers' markets to complete the system "build the rules and regulations", a new round of quality upgrade action to open the year (2022-2024). The new three years, the city anchored in the "national leader, the province's leading" goal, in the consolidation of the original transformation and improvement of the results on the basis of focusing on the continuation of the market transformation, the wisdom of the market to build, the characteristics of the market to create a sound measurement system and other eight aspects of the force.

In 2022, the city launched the "Yong have food safety" project, after two years of construction, the city's 130 star farmers' market high standard construction of food safety standardisation digital laboratory, 14 categories of key food for regular testing; promote the market to carry out intelligent operation, for consumers to dynamically provide market information, intelligent order, food safety Query and other online services; improve the third-party evaluation mechanism, the "Ningbo farmers' market long-term management evaluation criteria" for a number of revisions, in particular, last year, the market will be the subject of 17 obligations into the evaluation criteria, and for aquatic over-bundling, self-produced and self-sold stalls shrink, food testing frequency does not meet the requirements of the type of unauthorised changes in the market planning and use of the four characteristics of the legal provisions of Ningbo to increase the evaluation of the weight of the score, to further clarify the responsibilities of all parties The weight of the score, and further clarify the responsibilities of all parties; in the State Administration of Market Supervision expressly prohibited the use of "fresh light" to mislead consumers, take the lead in starting and completing the farmers' market "fresh light" transformation, but also food and agricultural products to the true nature of the consumer, so that consumers can understand the consumption, Shopping with peace of mind.

According to the new round of quality upgrade action requirements, by the end of this year, the city's farmers market image will have a big improvement. Specific objectives include the completion of the smart market 30, green market 20, the party building led market 10 and civilised model market 10, the city's provincial three-star and above civilised norms of farmers market coverage of more than 70%

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