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A festive market with a growing New Year's Eve flavour

As the Chinese New Year of the Dragon approaches, the atmosphere of the props has also been online. Recently, the market is full of festive "Chinese red", overflowing with a strong New Year's flavour.

Mr Zhong, the owner of a shop in the market, has just sent off a batch of purchasing guests. "A company just purchased more than 340 large Chinese knots. Recent customers are mainly enterprises and property companies, and casual customers are estimated to come after the Lunar New Year Festival." Mr Zhong informed that this year's Lunar New Year's Eve products are a lot more fancy, with three-dimensional shaped Chinese zodiac hanging panels, tree lights that can be placed in lobbies, and paper lantern toys with dragon elements all being more popular.

Although there is still a month to go before the Lunar New Year, the industry predicts that there may be a better increment in the number of Lunar New Year products this year.

"We have been preparing for the Lunar New Year Spring Festival since July last year, and the goods we prepared two days ago have been piled up in the warehouse. Over the past few years, New Year's Eve products have become one of the New Year's Eve goods for Ningbo people, who will more or less buy some. However, there are some differences in what people of different age groups buy." Mr Zhong introduced that young people like Chinese style, cultural and creative products, and occasionally they are also interested in some retro things. And middle-aged and elderly people like traditional styles and are also big consumers of New Year's bags.

The price of this year's Lunar New Year's Eve products is also more affordable, less than one yuan a red packet, four or five yuan a small lamp, more than ten yuan of hanging decorations ...... choice is very large.

A number of stallholders informed that this year, the price of Chinese New Year's Eve products cheaper than in previous years by about 10 per cent. In addition to the reason for the price, many stall owners are also willing to "more sales at a small profit".

According to the Ningbo Supply and Marketing No. 2 bridge market related person in charge of the introduction, at present, the market on the first floor of the business of the Lunar New Year's Eve products of nearly 20 merchants, products have five to six hundred kinds of, basically covering the lanterns, couplets, red envelopes, hanging decorations, ornaments, window flowers and so on all the Lunar New Year's Eve products on the market. Recently, the purchasing flow has increased significantly, and the peak is expected to come after 20 January

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